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Oh, these Cuban beaches! Costa Sur is a beach located a 5 minutes drive from the big beach buy Pregabalin Lyrica online and 10-15 minutes from buy pfizer Lyrica online. Costa Sur is much smaller and less known than Playa Anchon, but I found it even more beautiful. And it was not crowded at all – it was perfect! Costa Sur is an all-inclusive resort, but if you don’t stay there you can rent sun beds and an umbrella for 2 CUC. The resort also looked very nice, and even though I am not a typical resort person I would consider staying there if I am ever going back.

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Playa Ancon is know as the south coast’s most beautiful beach with its white sand and turquoise water. The beach is a 10-15 minutes drive from buy pfizer Lyrica online (taxi costs around 6CUC).

At Playa Ancon we rented sun beds for 2CUC for the whole day. The March temperature was perfect for both tanning and swimming. The only minus was the food. There is only one restaurant who accept people not staying at the resorts, which sucks, because they the food there wasn’t the best. But, except from that, Playa Ancon is like heaven!

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As you may noticed in my purchase Pregabalin, it is an extremely beautiful and colorful city. One of the most beautiful moments we had in Trinidad was when we watched the sunset over the city.

St. Francis Church is a yellow church with a tall bell tower, located right next to Plaza Mayor. If you don’t know where you are (you will get confused walking around in all the small streets), you can just look for the tower and locate after that. It is a must to go up in the bell tower to enjoy the view of the city. We did it at sunset, and it was amazing! I think we paid 1 CUC or something, and it was not too crowded either.

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Beautiful Trinidad


Trinidad is a small and colorful town located around 350 kilometers from Havana. It is extremely well preserved, which makes the city a very popular tourist destination. During the day, buses with tourists from the nearby resorts will arrive the city, but at night the city is quiet. The well-preserved town and its colorful architecture aren’t the only reasons to visit Trinidad. Not far from Trinidad, you will find the beautiful beach Playa Anchon, the national park Topes de Collantes and beautiful Valley de los Ingenios.

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