Being an exchange student


I often get emails from people asking me about my time as an exchange student. For those of you who do not know, I was an exchange student in Hong Kong in 2013 and in Sydney, Australia, in 2014. I did the exchange as a part of my bachelor’s degree in business administration. In this post I will answer some frequently asked questions and tell you some of my thoughts about life as an exchange student.

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“How can you afford to travel?”


“How can you afford to travel as much as you do?”. This is a question I get all the time. The answer is not simple. I am only a student, and no, my trips are not sponsored – nothing is free. Because the question is asked frequently, I think it is appropriate to dedicate a blog post to it!

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Cuba travel tips


Cuba is one of the countries were nothing goes according to your plan. I also found it a bit difficult finding information online before I left, because everything changes so fast and information is only valid for a short period. The whole accommodation thing is also a bit confusing. Because of this, I made a small guide based on my own experience – this is the information I wish someone told me before I left!

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