Weekend trip in Norway


Long time no see! In August I started my master’s degree in economics and finance, and this fall has been full of studies, work and internships… Sadly that means no travelling (and no blogging). But, I still have one trip from September I haven’t told you about!

You know that I love to travel and explore the world. Because of this, I consider myself as quite lucky living in Norway – the most beautiful country in the world! Norway has the most amazing nature I have ever seen – and there is still so much left I haven’t seen in Norway. In September I took a break from my studies and went on a small road trip in Norway. We went to Skjåk, a small village where my grandmother grew up and where we have a cabin today. There is not much to see and do in Skjåk, but around the village there are several famous sights and beautiful nature.

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