Scotland for Harry Potter fans


Since I was six years old I have been a huge Harry Potter fan, and I have always wanted to visit the various Harry Potter locations in the UK. Until now I have only visited the Harry Potter Studios in London (and of course; the real Hogwarts – University of Sydney in Australia, where I studied last year). Luckily for me, Scotland has many Harry Potter locations, and they were not too far from Edinburgh, where we stayed for the entire trip.

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Glasgow is the biggest city in Scotland, but maybe not as popular among tourists as Edinburgh. Nevertheless we chose to visit the city, which is an one-hour train ride from Edinburgh, costing 10 pounds for a round-trip ticket – not too bad!

When we arrived in Glasgow we met up with a friend who is born and raised in Glasgow, and he guided us through the city. As he said, it isn’t too much to see in Glasgow – especially if you compare it to Edinburgh. Also, the weather was terrible (worse than ever) the few hours we had there, which stopped us from walking around all day. But, we got to see the main sights at least!

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The trip to Scotland was my first visit to the country so I wanted to see more than Edinburgh, even though it was only a weekend trip. Scotland is famous for amazing nature, and we decided to take a day trip to see the highlands and lakes. We rented a car for one day, and the plan was to drive a distance that would take more than eight hours, in one day. And, that during winter, in Scotland, where they drive on the “wrong” side of the road. Help!

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Last week I went to Scotland for five days, where three days were spent in Edinburgh. The reason I went to Scotland was to meet up with some friends I met while studying in Hong Kong (having friends abroad = good excuse to go travelling!).

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, but I found the city quite small. But small can be good! If you like London, you will love Edinburgh. It was like a smaller and cuter version of London. It is a lot to see, but you will have time to see everything in a few days. I loved that you can walk everywhere and don’t have to think about transport, and I also found it easy to find everything.

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