My winter travel plans!

I just finished my fifth and last exam for this semester, what a feeling! 3,5 years of my studies completed, only 1,5 left. My blog has been quite empty this fall, but now it is time to change that! As a student, I am lucky to have long vacations and a lot of time to travel. On Friday I am leaving for a week in Marrakech, and in early January I will visit Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait. So exciting! I find the Arabic culture very interesting, and I am looking forward to getting to know it better. My next trip after this will be in March, when I will visit Krakow in Poland. I have been to Krakow twice, and I love the city! I have an ever-lasting crush on East-European cities with their charming old towns (and the low price level!), and I never get tired of them.

Anyone else with exciting travel plans?

If you have any recommendations for my trip to Marrakech or to Oman/Bahrain/Kuwait, let me know!

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