Oman’s amazing nature


When I went to Oman, one of the things I really wanted to see was the desert. Wahiba Sands is a desert located 2-3 hours from Muscat, which was perfect. When I did research about Wahiba Sands, I found a few other attractions in the area as well, which we visited on the same trip. Our route for this road trip was Muscat – Bimmah Sinkhole – Wadi Shab – Sur – Muscat. We did all this in a day, and we used around 12 hours.

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Oman: Nizwa and its surroundings


Oman is so much more than the capital Muscat. We rented a car during our entire stay so we would be able to see more of the country, and I am so happy we did that! We did two road trips from Muscat. On the first road trip we drove to the city Nizwa and explored the mountains surrounding the city. Nizwa is a popular weekend destination for people living in Muscat, as it is a short drive from the capital and offers great nature experiences. It is possible to see Nizwa and its surroundings on a day trip from Muscat, but we chose to stay in Nizwa for a night to have some more time.

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Oman: Things to do in Muscat


Muscat is the capital of The Sultanate of Oman and the biggest city in the country. When you are in Oman, spending a few days in Muscat is a must; just the name itself makes the city sound exotic. Oman is not a country we hear a lot about, and the average Norwegian would probably not even know where Oman is on the map. Oman is actually growing as a tourist destination, and tourism is one of the most important economic sectors in Oman. In addition to the oil, of course; as the rest of the Gulf states, Oman is quite dependent on oil. At the same time, Oman differs from the other Gulf states. Omanis actually have regular jobs and the foreign workforce is smaller than in for example Kuwait and Qatar. One explanations to this can be that Oman’s oil reserve is smaller, but also that the government has a big focus on creating other sources of income than oil.

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My winter travel plans!

I just finished my fifth and last exam for this semester, what a feeling! 3,5 years of my studies completed, only 1,5 left. My blog has been quite empty this fall, but now it is time to change that! As a student, I am lucky to have long vacations and a lot of time to travel. On Friday I am leaving for a week in Marrakech, and in early January I will visit Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait. So exciting! I find the Arabic culture very interesting, and I am looking forward to getting to know it better. My next trip after this will be in March, when I will visit Krakow in Poland. I have been to Krakow twice, and I love the city! I have an ever-lasting crush on East-European cities with their charming old towns (and the low price level!), and I never get tired of them.

Anyone else with exciting travel plans?

If you have any recommendations for my trip to Marrakech or to Oman/Bahrain/Kuwait, let me know!

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