72 hours in Oslo


Planning a long-weekend in Oslo? After spending my summer working in Oslo (I normally live in Trondheim, which you can read about here). Here is how I would spend 72 hours in Oslo. Oslo is the capital of Norway and the biggest city in the country, but compared with other capitals around the world, Oslo is actually quite small. I think 72 hours is the perfect amount of time to spend in the city.
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Travel Guide: 48 hours in Trondheim


Trondheim, my hometown, is the third biggest city in Norway, located in the middle of the country. I grew up in Trondheim, and I am currently living here as a student, as it is the major student city in Norway. Lately a few friends from other countries have been visiting me, and I have gotten to explore my own city as a tourist. Here is how I would spend two days as a tourist in Trondheim!

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Weekend trip in Norway


Long time no see! In August I started my master’s degree in economics and finance, and this fall has been full of studies, work and internships… Sadly that means no travelling (and no blogging). But, I still have one trip from September I haven’t told you about!

You know that I love to travel and explore the world. Because of this, I consider myself as quite lucky living in Norway – the most beautiful country in the world! Norway has the most amazing nature I have ever seen – and there is still so much left I haven’t seen in Norway. In September I took a break from my studies and went on a small road trip in Norway. We went to Skjåk, a small village where my grandmother grew up and where we have a cabin today. There is not much to see and do in Skjåk, but around the village there are several famous sights and beautiful nature.

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Etter at jeg kom hjem fra Australia og Vietnam i sommer tok jeg en liten reise rundt i Norge. Jeg har reist alt for lite i Norge, så en liten rundreise var på tide! Først gikk turen til Lom, Skjåk og Galdhøpiggen, før jeg reiste videre til Geiranger, Trollstigen og Atlanterhavsveien (blogginnlegg om det kommer senere). Bestemors slekt kommer fra Skjåk som ligger like ved Lom i Oppland, et nydelig sted som jeg ikke har besøkt på mange år, selv om vi har hytte der og masse slekt som skal besøkes. Lom er ei skikkelig turistgryte om sommeren med de fantastiske fjellene rundt, gamle bygninger og stavkirken. Like ved finner man også Sognefjellsvegen, som er Norges turistvei nummer 1. Flåklypa (ja, det ekte Flåklypa) er også like utenfor Lom. Det er også et godt utgangspunkt for fjellturer, for eksempel finner man Galdhøpiggen en liten time unna.

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