Kuwait City


I just came back from a trip to the gulf where I visited Kuwait and Oman. The plan was to visit Bahrain as well, but because I did not have enough blank pages in my passport for the visas/stamps we decided to spend some more days in Oman instead of going to Bahrain. I am really happy we prioritized Oman, as the country really has a lot to offer – but more about Oman later!

We spent two days in Kuwait City, which was more than enough time. It is not much to see in Kuwait City – if you ask me, the city only has one real tourist attraction; The Kuwait Towers. It was really hard to fill the days with things to do. Even the malls (where Kuwaitis seem to hang out) were boring. During the day, the streets were empty and nothing was going on. Such a weird place, I have never experienced this kind of emptiness in a city before. Continue reading

My winter travel plans!

I just finished my fifth and last exam for this semester, what a feeling! 3,5 years of my studies completed, only 1,5 left. My blog has been quite empty this fall, but now it is time to change that! As a student, I am lucky to have long vacations and a lot of time to travel. On Friday I am leaving for a week in Marrakech, and in early January I will visit Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait. So exciting! I find the Arabic culture very interesting, and I am looking forward to getting to know it better. My next trip after this will be in March, when I will visit Krakow in Poland. I have been to Krakow twice, and I love the city! I have an ever-lasting crush on East-European cities with their charming old towns (and the low price level!), and I never get tired of them.

Anyone else with exciting travel plans?

If you have any recommendations for my trip to Marrakech or to Oman/Bahrain/Kuwait, let me know!

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