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DSC01096 In early August, I went to Sicily with my family to visit my mum’s aunt, who has lived in the town Taormina for decades. On our way to Sicily we decided to buy Lyrica tablets uk for a couple of days, as none of us had been there before. Would we be able to see most of Rome’s famous attractions in only two days? It seemed impossible, but with some planning we managed to see everything we wanted to see – and more! Our two days in Rome were very busy. We walked around 30.000 steps a day – we didn’t take any public transport or taxi during our stay (most sights are in the same area). We didn’t spend much time at each place, so we will still have plenty to see and do if we go back to Rome. As I am not the biggest fan of museums, and they are quite time consuming, we chose not to go to most of the museums in Rome. In between the sightseeing, we enjoyed Rome’s famous gelato, pizza and pasta. I will publish a post with a few restaurant recommendations in Rome later. buy Lyrica uk