Slovenia: Bohinj


Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj is another lake in the Julian Alps, not far from Lake Bled. I found Lake Bohinj as beautiful as Lake Bled, but it is less visited by tourists because the area doesn’t has as many sights as Bled. But, if you are going to Lake Bled, I would recommend a visit to Bohinj as well.

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Slovenia: Lake Bled


Lake Bled

Lake Bled is a famous lake in the Julian Alps. The lake is known for its magic, green color, the island in the middle of the lake and the majestic mountains surrounding the lake.

Lake Bled is said to be one of Slovenia’s most beautiful places, and it is a popular tourist destination. It actually surprised me how touristy the area was; every building seemed to host a hotel or a restaurant, and there were big tourist groups (especially many Chinese tourists) everywhere. But, it is a reason why the place is popular. The lake is really beautiful, and you shouldn’t visit Slovenia without going to Lake Bled for a day or two.

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