Road trip in Transylvania


I just came back from an amazing road trip in Romania – a country that must be one of the most underrated destinations in Europe! The road trip couldn’t have been better; we had nearly 30 degrees and sun most of the days, and everything was just perfect.

We spent most of our time in Romania driving around in Transylvania, and our route was Brasov – Sighisoara – Sibiu – Transfagarasan – Bucharest. We had four full days in the country, so we didn’t have much time, but it was enough to see these places. I will write about the charming cities Brasov, Sighisoara and Sibiu in a later post and focus on the road trip itself here.

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Oman’s amazing nature


When I went to Oman, one of the things I really wanted to see was the desert. Wahiba Sands is a desert located 2-3 hours from Muscat, which was perfect. When I did research about Wahiba Sands, I found a few other attractions in the area as well, which we visited on the same trip. Our route for this road trip was Muscat – Bimmah Sinkhole – Wadi Shab – Sur – Muscat. We did all this in a day, and we used around 12 hours.

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Oman: Nizwa and its surroundings


Oman is so much more than the capital Muscat. We rented a car during our entire stay so we would be able to see more of the country, and I am so happy we did that! We did two road trips from Muscat. On the first road trip we drove to the city Nizwa and explored the mountains surrounding the city. Nizwa is a popular weekend destination for people living in Muscat, as it is a short drive from the capital and offers great nature experiences. It is possible to see Nizwa and its surroundings on a day trip from Muscat, but we chose to stay in Nizwa for a night to have some more time.

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Slovenia: Ljubljana

DSC00295Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is such a lovely city! I didn’t have any expectations to the city, but its beauty overwhelmed me. The old town is adorable, with dozens of cafés, bars and restaurants. There are no famous attractions in Ljubljana – but there are a few you should check out. One of them is The Dragon Bridge – an old bridge with dragon statues, which was built more than 100 years ago. Another attraction is Ljubljana Castle, which offers a great view of the city.

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Slovenia: Piran & Portoroz



The last stops on our road trip in Slovenia were the coastal towns Piran and Portoroz. We went to this area of Slovenia because we wanted to relax by the sea. Slovenia only has a tiny coastline, so Piran and Portoroz are close to the neighbor countries Croatia and Italy. The Italian culture has especially influenced the area, as it earlier was a part of Italy.

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Slovenia: The wine district Goriska Brda


The next stop on our road trip in Slovenia was Goriska Brda, a wine district south in Slovenia. To get there, we drove through Trenta Valley, along the crystal-clear blue river Sôca. There are several villages along the river, and we stopped in Kanal Ob Soci for a break and lunch. We stopped here because this village seemed to be the nicest one – and I think it was, because it was so lovely here. We ate lunch at a small restaurant (actually, the only restaurant I saw in the city), and the food were amazing. They only had one option; a three course lunch for 6 euros. We started with soup, then we got some meat and vedgetables and we ended the meal with a local cake. So cheap and so good!

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Slovenia: Kranjska Gora & Vrsic Pass


Kranskja Gora is a mountain area located northwest in Slovenia, very close to both the Italian and Austrian border. The area is famous for skiing, both as a popular winter holiday destination and for hosting international sport competitions every year, for example the World Cup in alpine. During the summer, the place pretty quiet, despite the amazing hiking and biking opportunities in the area.

Vrsic Pass is a mountain pass going across the Julian Alps, with the highest point at 1611m above sea level. Visiting Vrsic was the main reason we went to Kranskja Gora, as it offers an impressive view and great hiking trails.

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Slovenia: Bohinj


Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj is another lake in the Julian Alps, not far from Lake Bled. I found Lake Bohinj as beautiful as Lake Bled, but it is less visited by tourists because the area doesn’t has as many sights as Bled. But, if you are going to Lake Bled, I would recommend a visit to Bohinj as well.

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Slovenia: Lake Bled


Lake Bled

Lake Bled is a famous lake in the Julian Alps. The lake is known for its magic, green color, the island in the middle of the lake and the majestic mountains surrounding the lake.

Lake Bled is said to be one of Slovenia’s most beautiful places, and it is a popular tourist destination. It actually surprised me how touristy the area was; every building seemed to host a hotel or a restaurant, and there were big tourist groups (especially many Chinese tourists) everywhere. But, it is a reason why the place is popular. The lake is really beautiful, and you shouldn’t visit Slovenia without going to Lake Bled for a day or two.

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Slovenia: Kamnik & Velika Planina


Currently, I am on a road trip in Slovenia. In total, we only have eight days in Slovenia, but we will manage to see a lot of the country, as it is very small (but it still has a lot to offer!). Slovenia must be the perfect country for an interesting holiday. Slovenia has mountains, beaches, historical buildings and architecture, great food, shopping, wine yards, extreme sports – and so on.
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The trip to Scotland was my first visit to the country so I wanted to see more than Edinburgh, even though it was only a weekend trip. Scotland is famous for amazing nature, and we decided to take a day trip to see the highlands and lakes. We rented a car for one day, and the plan was to drive a distance that would take more than eight hours, in one day. And, that during winter, in Scotland, where they drive on the “wrong” side of the road. Help!

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Etter turen til Skjåk, Lom og Galdhøpiggen i juli (som du kan lese om her) tok vi en aldri så liten omvei på veien hjem til Trondheim. Vi kjørte via Geiranger, Ørneveien, Trollstigen og Atlanterhavsveien og fikk sett svært mye av vårt vakre land i løpet av en dag! Jeg har sett alt for lite av Norge, men nå føler jeg at jeg har sett litt i alle fall! Dessuten var vi utrolig heldige med været og hadde en fantastisk dag på veien!

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Etter en liten roadtrip nedover Europa innom Praha, Wien og Bratislava, kjørte vi tilbake til Berlin hvor vi leverte bilen og tilbragte et par dager i storbyen. Jeg har vært i Berlin en gang tidligere, men det var mange år siden så det var spennende å dra hit på nytt. To dager er selvfølgelig ikke nok til å se mye av byen, men vi rakk å se en del!

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Etter Wien og Praha gikk turen videre til Bratislava i Slovakia. Ganske tilfeldig valg av destinasjon; vi dro vel egentlig kun fordi Bratislava bare ligger en liten time unna Wien. Vi ankom Bratislava senere enn planlagt på grunn av veiarbeid, og hele oppholdet var preget av mye regn, så vi fikk ikke sett/gjort så mye. Bratislava er sentrert rundt gamlebyen, som er ganske liten (spesielt i forhold til feks Praha), men veldig koselig likevel. Her finner du mange uterestauranter, spesielt er det mye lokal mat. Andre sights i byen er UFO tårnet (med utsikt over hele byen) og borgen. Det jeg fant interessant med byen var kontrastene; kommunismens arkitektur preger en side av byen (jungler av blokker så langt øyet kan se), mens andre deler av byen er som gamlebyen.

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Den siste uken av sommerferien dro jeg og kjæresten på road trip. Vi fløy til Berlin hvor vi leide bil og kjørte direkte fra flyplassen til Praha, en strekning på ca. 3,5 timer. Etter et par dager i Praha dro vi videre til Wien og Bratislava, som ligger 3,5 timer fra Praha, med ca 1 time mellom de to byene. Til slutt kjørte vi opp til Berlin igjen hvor vi leverte bilen og hadde et par dager i storbyen. Utrolig hvor korte avstander det faktisk blir når man har fine veier som i Tyskland!  Innlegg fra alle byene kommer etterhvert, men først Praha!

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