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DSC03089We took a day trip from buy Lyrica 300 mg online to the coastal town Essaouira. We went on a “tour”, but the only thing included was the transport to and from Essaouira – exactly what we wanted. The price was 150DH (15EUR) per person, which is a good price – the local bus actually charges the same (we went in a maxi taxi with a small group of tourists). The drive is nearly three hours long, and we had five hours in Essaouira.

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Staying in a «riad» in the medina of Marrakech is essential if you want the real Moroccan experience. A riad is a traditional, Moroccan house with a courtyard in the center. Most hotels in the medina are riads – they can be everything from expensive 5 star hotels to cheap hostels.

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Top 5 things to do in Marrakech


The last week my mum and I went on a week-long holiday to Marrakech. I have always dreamed about Marrakech; it seemed like such an exotic and magic place. Marrakech did not disappoint me; it was as exotic as I had imagined. Marrakech is different from every other place I have visited – even though the city somehow reminded me a bit about some Indian cities and Istanbul. The streets are full of donkeys and motorbikes, the streets are filled with the smell of spices and you never know what you will meet around the next corner.

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