Travelling the world with Osprey

As a traveller, I have always loved to travel around with a backpack. Nothing makes you feel more free and alive than the lifestyle of a backpacker. But, lately I have started to go for a suitcase instead of a backpack (shame on me – someone got lazy!). That works perfectly fine, until you hit a dirt road or a cobblestone road, and your wheels get broken… So why not just have it both in one piece of luggage?

A few months ago I was lucky to receive exactly what I needed from Osprey. Osprey is one of the biggest backpack distributors in Europe, providing a wide range of innovative backpacks and bags. As mentioned, I have been struggling with choosing between a backpack and a suitcase (because of the wheels and my laziness) – so the Meridian backpack seemed like the perfect fit.

Meridian is basically a backpack with wheels. I have the big one (75L), and it’s the perfect size that works either I am travelling for two weeks or two months (they also have a smaller one on 60L).

In addition, there is a small “Daypack” attached to the big backpack. The removable backpack is 16L and perfect to use as cabin luggage on a flight or to walk around when exploring a new destination. The Daypack is also ventilated, which makes it a good choice for a small hike and other kinds of day trips, and it have a room for computer and a room for other small gadgets you may bring on your travels.

I brought my new Osprey to Mexico this Christmas, and I loved it. I was surprised by the high quality of the wheels. The wheels are much bigger than on ordinary suitcases, so walking around with it was a dream! I did not miss my regular backpack or my (big, pink) suitcase for one second. When I am going to Sri Lanka next week, there is no doubt that the Osprey Meridian is coming with me!

Osprey has several other backpacks with different solutions, sizes and colors – check out which one that is perfect for you here!

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