Mexico: Isla de Holbox

Isla de Holbox, or Holbox Island, is a beautiful beach paradise located in the Yucatan region in Mexico, not far from Cancun. With its many hammocks and stunning beaches, it is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday.

After a busy stay in Playa del Carmen, I wanted to go to a quiet place for the rest of my Christmas holiday in Mexico – I wanted to visit a typical, Caribbean paradise island. Just like the islands I visited this summer – Isla Mujeres, Roatan and Caye Caulker. Isla Holbox showed to be the perfect place.

There is not much to do in Holbox, except relaxing on the stunning beaches. You may have seen pictures of the many hammocks placed along the beach in the shallow water, and it is very idyllic. The town is also very charming. Walk around and explore the amazing street art that is covering many of the houses in the town center, or shop in the cute artistic shops in the main streets.

There are also a few tour options on the island, but many of them depend on the season. In the summer, you can go on whale shark tours. You may also go on a tour to see flamingos, but they are only on Holbox certain parts of the year (we missed the season). No matter what season it is, the «three island tour» is a popular option.

There are almost no cars on the island, but there are loads of golf cars. You can rent one for approx. 500 pesos/3 hours. It is the perfect way to explore the whole island. Drive a long the beach, or drive to the more quiet parts of the island – like Punta Cocos. We found a charming bar over here, and enjoyed the sunset over the turquoise water. Amazing!

Holbox can be reached by ferry from Chiquila (140 pesos, 30 minutes). When you arrive at Holbox you can walk to your hotel, as the island is so tiny, or take one of the cheap golf car taxis. Chiquila is a 2-3 hours bus ride from Cancun, which also is the closest international airport (135 pesos) or 2,5 hours from Playa del Carmen with a collectivo (250 pesos).

There are many hotels on the island, and we stayed at Hotel Siesta Holbox, which was perfect. The adorable hotel is located just next to the main square near most of the restaurants and bars on the island, and on the same time they have a beach club on the nicest part of the beach. It takes 10-15 minutes to walk to the beach club, or you can take the free shuttle from the hotel. It usually costs 300 pesos a bed, but when staying at Siesta you get it for free.

There are many bars and restaurants on Holbox. Most restaurants have the same food – tacos and seafood mostly. None of them really stood out, the quality was average everywhere we ate. The only exception is Luuma, with its amazing atmosphere and delicious food. Holbox is not a party place, but there are a few bars. Pura Vida and Voila are good places for live music (Pura Vida also has decent food) and Hot Corner is a typical backpacker place with a DJ playing loud music. Along the beach, Alma bar is a great spot – a rooftop bar with a pool and good drinks.

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2 thoughts on “Mexico: Isla de Holbox

  1. Det så ut som et idyllisk og fint sted 🙂 Jeg hadde planer om å dra innom Isla de Holbox når jeg reiste i regionen i fjor, men tiden strakk dessverre ikke til. Det burde vel bli en ny tur til Mexico på meg også igjen, med tiden. 😀

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