Granada – the heaven for volcano enthusiasts

Have you ever been standing on the top of a volcano, looking into the crater of glowing lava? No, I guess – most people haven’t. Granada, Nicaragua, is one of the few places where this is possible. Just the feeling of watching the lava with the sunset in the background was amazing!

Granada is a small city located about one hour from Nicaragua’s capital, Managua. The town is a popular destination because of the volcanoes surrounding it. The colonial town is also a sight itself. The cute streets are filled with colorful houses
in a colonial style. The central park is as in many other cities in Central America, the heart of the city. The park is filled with stalls selling fresh fruit, street food, souvenirs and so on. The park is of course facing a stunning church, as other colonial cities in the region.

But, the main reason for going to Granada, is as mentioned above, the volcanoes.There are two volcanoes in the area that are popular to visit; Mombacho and Masaya. I
visited Masaya. It is not possible to hike the volcano, but you can go on an arranged
tour that will take you up to the crater. The price is 20 USD0and it takes about 3
hours (30 minutes drive each way, 30 minutes by the crater and 1,5 hour of waiting).
I recommend to go on a tour leaving Granada at 4pm, because then you can see
both the sunset and the glowing lava. There are no words to describe it – it is just so amazing and beautiful!

A few restaurant recommendations in Granada: Art Cafe, Pitapita, Pizza Vale, Cafe de Los Suenos.

A few places to drink and party in Granada: Encuentros, Kelly’s, Reilly’s and the late open bars by the lake.

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5 thoughts on “Granada – the heaven for volcano enthusiasts

  1. Jeg har sett solnedgang og glødende lava på Masaya 😀 Det var mørkt da vi kom til stedet hvor vi skulle se lavaen, så jeg har ingen bilder. Det var dessuten så vanskelig å puste på grunn av svovelen at vi måtte skynde oss veldig – et lite glimt av lavaen før vi løp tilbake til minibussen. Alle hostet, og tårene rant. Så snart vi kjørte vekk fra stedet, åpnet vi vinduene og gispet etter frisk luft.

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