Why you should travel more

There is no doubt that the travel bug has bitten me a long time ago; I am addicted to travelling and I never get enough of exploring new places. I always want to experience new activities, such as whale watching california or going sky-diving.

I just can’t wait for my next Holiday Trip, or Lomamatka as the Finnish would say! People keep asking me why I do travel as much as I do. I am busy as everyone else with studies and work, but still I manage to do ten or even more trips a year. Is it easy? No – but here is why I keep doing, and why you should travel more often!

First of all, travelling the world will challenge you as a person and will lead to personal development. You may have heard people saying “oh, staying three months in Asia really changed me!”. All the impressions you get while travelling and all the people you meet will shape whom you are. Travelling has made me…
? Brave – after travelling the world alone, nothing can stop me – I can do whatever I want
? Open-minded – I never judge people before I get to know them, even though their attitude and culture may seem strange to me
? Independent – I do not need anyone or anything to fulfill my dreams
? Patient – I have always been very impatient and restless, but as you travel to other cultures you learn that patience is a must

You will learn so much through travelling. You will learn about yourself, the world and you will develop new skills as you meet new people and experience different cultures. Some things I have learned by travelling…
? I have developed my communication skills. For example, do you have any idea how difficult it is to communicate with Chinese people who do not speak English and do not have the same body language at all?
? I have learned how lucky I am to be born in Norway, and I have learned to appreciate this and all the benefits we have in Norway
? I have learned that no matter where people are from, we may still have a lot in common and get along quite well
? I have learned that strangers talking to you do not need to means that they are crazy. In Norway, strangers never talk to each other (unless, you are crazy, of course). While traveling, I have met so many interesting people

Travelling has given me so many amazing and unforgettable experiences. I have had tea watching the sunset from a rooftop in Marrakech, seen a cheetah hunting an antelope in Serengeti, been on a road trip in Oman, nearly crashed a car in Bucharest, dived with sharks in the Great Barrier Reef, posed in pictures with 200 school children (individually!) in India, been shopping in Tokyo, seen the wailing wall in Jerusalem, explored Cyprus in a buggy, been wine tasting in Slovenia, been trapped in a cyclone in China – and so much more!

To summarize it: Travelling has opened the world to me, and I have opened myself as a person to the world and whoever I meet on my way. Feeling like a citizen of the world, I am lucky to be a part of momondo’s DNA Journey. By taking a DNA test I will figure out where my ancestors come from! I am really excited to take the test, and the good news is that momondo is having a competition right now where you can win your very own DNA kit. You can participate in the competition by following this link (participate by the 3rd of May).

I know I have posted the video below earlier, but I think it is telling such a beautiful story. Who would not dream about taking the DNA test after watching this?

In cooperation with momondo

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  1. Amen! 😀

    Den videoen er fantastisk. Jeg tok den DNA-testen, og øyeblikket jeg fikk tilbake resultatene var noe av det kuleste jeg har opplevd. At jeg har aner fra nesten hele Europa, i tillegg til Sentral-Asia ville jeg aldri trodd!

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