Where should you travel this summer?

Maybe you have always had the dream to travel to places like New Zealand and the idea of checking out sites like www.campervanfinder.co.nz is quite exciting. Or maybe you have not decided where to go for your summer vacation? No worries, it is still time! Here are my top seven destinations for summer 2017. In this post, I will focus on European destinations – even though I love to travel as far away as possible, nothing beats Europe in the summer!

1. Slovenia – My favorite country in Europe
I cannot chose one place in Slovenia to recommend – if you go, you need to explore the whole country! Slovenia is the perfect country; you can find vineyards, stunning beaches, impressive mountains and amazing nature. And of course, you cannot forget about the charming capital, Ljubljana! Even greater is it that the country is so small that it does not take you a lot of time to travel between the destinations in the country. We rented a car and basically managed to see the whole country in about nine days. Read all my posts from the road trip in Slovenia here.

2. Northern Poland
As you may know, I have fallen in love with Eastern Europe a long time ago. One of the countries I love, is Poland. In the north, you can find some amazing beaches and cute cities. Sadly, I have never visited Northern Poland during summer, but even in March the beaches in Sopot was tempting! Sopot is also vety close to Gdansk, which has the cutest old town ever. Luckily, I am going to Gdansk and Sopot in the end of May and I hope to experience great weather and the beach life. Here are my recommendations for Gdansk, and you can read about my freezing experience in Sopot here.

3. The Scottish Highlands
A couple of years ago I went on a road trip in the Scottish Highlands in January. It would be a great place if you’re wondering where to take your caravan in the UK; the highlands offer plenty of caravan and camping parks to choose from. It was stunning, and only one thing could have done the trip better; the weather. We drove into a huge snowstorm and it was freezing, and I can imagine that this trip would be so awesome if I went there during summer! You can read about this incredible road trip here. If you are in the area, Edinburgh is also a very charming city, and there are loads of Harry Potter sites to visit in the area.

4. Albania’s beaches
Last summer, I wanted a relaxing beach holiday, and we ended up choosing Albania. When we arrived and saw the crystal clear water, we soon realized that Albania was the right choice! We went to Saranda, which is a very touristy spot, but the area around the city is very nice. In addition to having beautiful beaches, the prices are very low. I would love to explore the rest of Albania as well, so if you have time, try to see more than only the coast! Read about my week at the Albanian Riviera here.

5. Sicily – A heavenly island
Sicily is the largest island in Italy and is a popular tourist destination during summer. My aunt lives in Taormina, Sicily, so I have visited the island a few times. With its beautiful beaches, charming villages and amazing mountains, no wonder Sicily is such a popular spot! You can even walk on the active volcano Etna. The prices vary a bit all over the island, and be aware, this is not the cheapest destination in Italy. I have stayed in Taormina, which is a beautiful town located on a mountain terrace. The beaches are close by, and you can even see Etna from the town. I visited Taormina in the summer of 2015, and you can read about my stay here.

6. Road trip in Central Europe
A few years ago, I went on a road trip in Central Europe during the summer. We started in Berlin and stopped by Vienna, Bratislava and Prague. Prague, by the way, is an excellent place to go with the boys on a stag do with stagmadness. It was such a great trip where I got to see a lot of Europe. If I had more time, I would have stopped by Budapest, which is close by. A few Polish cities could also have been included in the trip, as well as more German cities. The beautiful thing about Central Europe is that the cities are so close to each other that you basically can explore a new city every second day! Read about my visits to some cities in Central Europe here: Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Krakow, Warsaw and Bratislava (some of the oldest posts are only in Norwegian).

7. Kiev – The perfect weekend destination
If you are looking for a weekend trip in Europe this summer, Kiev is the place to go! Ukraine’s capital has had its problems over the recent years, but things have now calmed down. The city offers many beautiful attractions, and is overall very different from other European cities. Kiev is still quite untouched when it comes to tourism, so you will have an authentic experience going there. It is also very cheap to be a tourist in Kiev. During summer, the climate is pleasant. I visited the city last August, and here you can read my top nine things to do in Kiev.

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8 thoughts on “Where should you travel this summer?

  1. Many great destinations here. I’ve considered Kiev for an extended weekend soon, good to hear that it sounds like the right choice! Although I would actually like to go a bit outside Kiev; the real destination that is far up on the bucket list is Chernobyl.

    • I totally agree. My plan was also to go to Chernobyl, but somehow I didn’t manage to make it happen. But there are many tours going from Kiev to Chernobyl, so shouldn’t be that difficult to make it happen!

  2. Så mange gode tips! Jeg støtter virkelig Slovenia, fantastisk land. Øst-Europa har mange skjulte skatter flere burde utforske. 😀 Selv har jeg strendene i Albania til gode, og håper jeg får kommet meg dit snart. 🙂

  3. Kult at du drar frem alle disse litt mindre kjente sommer-destinasjonene, og av dem jeg har vært på er jeg helt enig! Spesielt Slovenia, Polen og roadtrip i Europa! =)

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