My next big trip: Backpacking in Central- and South-America

In May I am graduating uni after five years. Once I have handed in my master thesis, I am going to celebrate the graduation by going to Central- and South-America for two months before I move to Oslo and start working in August. I have not been on a long trip like this in a very long time. I am so excited!

Two months is not a lot of time. We considered whether we would spend all the time in a few places, or try to cover everything we wanted. We went for the latter one. So the plan is to see everything we consider as the highlights of Central- and South-America! To save time we would fly the long distances, so it is not a typical backpacking trip – but I think it will be awesome!

Here are what we are planning to cover:

Mexico: We will start with a relaxing week in Mexico, where we will visit Isla Mujeres, Tulum and Chichen Itza.

Belize: On our way from Mexico to Guatemala we will stop for a few days at Caye Caulker Island.

Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica: To be able to explore as much as possible in these countries, we decided to book a group tour (about three weeks long) which is pretty similar to some of the specific Guanacaste excursions you can find. The trip will include a lot; beaches, big cities, small villages, nature, volcanos/mountains and homestays.

Brazil: We will fly from San Jose in Costa Rica to Rio de Janerio, where we will spend five days. After our stay in Rio, we will fly up to Iguazu Falls.

Argentina: After Iguazu Falls we go to Buenos Aires for a few days, including a short visit to Uruguay.

Bolivia: The next highlight of our trip is La Paz and Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.

Peru: In Peru we will take the Inca Trail and visit Machu Picchu.

Ecuador: The trip will end in Ecuador with a couple of days in Quito and five days at Galapagos Islands. I’ve been thinking about doing a Galapagos island cruise so I’ve been reading some Santa Cruz II Information to see if it’s something I’d be interested in doing. It looks amazing though!!

So, it is a lot to cover in only two months! We have already booked all the flight tickets so the route is set. But, we have not planned anything else, and if you have any recommendations or general advises I would be happy to hear them!

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9 thoughts on “My next big trip: Backpacking in Central- and South-America

    • Jaa, det blir nok utrolig kult – men hektisk! Personlig så liker jeg å besøke mange steder på kort tid – men er hjelper det mye at vi flyr mellom destinasjonene og sparer myyye tid slik 😀

  1. Det blir utrolig spennende, da. Jeg var flere av disse stedene i fjor sommer og det var en kjempeopplevelse 🙂 Gleder meg til å følge turen din 🙂

  2. WOW sikken en spændende tur i skal på 🙂 En masse lande og oplevelser i skal have på to måneder. Sikke et eventyr 🙂
    Jeg håber at i får en rigtig dejlig tur.


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  4. Hei! Jeg drar til Peru om 3 uker, og lurer på om du bestilte Machu Picchu turen på forhånd? Evt om du vet hva som er lurest? 🙂

    • Hei! Jeg dro på Inca Trail, som er veldig populært – booket 7 måneder i forveien og da var de så og si fullbooka (men var i høysesong). Har hørt om at folk har trukket seg, og at folk har fått tak i plasser et par uker før. Hvis ikke finnes det flere andre trails, evt ta toget opp og ned – men jeg anbefaler en av trailene, litt av en opplevelse det! God tur, kos deg masse – Cusco er også en flott by 🙂

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