momondo Ambassador 2017

This weekend I will be traveling to Copenhagen to attend a kick-off with my new partner, momondo. momondo is a travel search engine where you can find and compare flights, accommodation and rental cars. Already before I started my cooperation with momondo, it was one of my favorite platforms when I was looking for trips, so I am looking forward to being their ambassador!

When I am choosing business partners, it is important for me that we get along and have shared values. momondo’s values are being open-minded, curious on the world and not afraid to take a challenge. I could not have agreed more! For me, traveling is a life style that gives me so much more than just checking out new places. Through my travels, I have learnt to always have an open mind and try to understand new cultures instead of judging what is different from what I am used to. The more I travel, the more curious I get to see the rest of the world. My travels have made me brave, and in the end I would never have been the same person if it was not for all these amazing experiences.

As mentioned, I like to use momondo when I am looking for new trips. One feature that makes momondo different from other travel search engines is their “Trip finder”. If you do not know where to go, you can choose your budget and preferences (region, type of vacation etc) and momondo will give you loads of exciting suggestions fitting your budget. How brilliant is not that?!

I guess some of you have seen a couple of videos from momondo lately. momondo has a project called “The DNA journey”, which is very cool. Check out the video below!

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4 thoughts on “momondo Ambassador 2017

  1. Så spennende det blir, da. Jeg har brukt momondo for å lese meg opp steder i hvertfall.
    Tipper at vi får flere tips fra deg om momondo utover. Det blir bra.

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