A different weekend in London

I have been to London nearly ten times, so when I went to visit a friend in February we decided that it was time to explore some other areas than the usual tourist sites. Luckily I had a local to guide me, and I got to see several new neighborhoods in the city!

We stayed at my friend’s flat in the south of London, not far from London Bridge. We had initially come over to check out some of the Home Cinema Installers in London as they are currently planning large renovations of their apartment. My friend showed me one of her favorite walks in the city – a walk from Westminster to London Bridge by the river, along the South Bank. It was freezing, but it was still stunning and I really recommend taking this walk. The views along the South Bank are amazing, so you should definitely bring a camera! The area is quite artistic and there are several nice shops and restaurant along the route. The restaurants looked really nice, but we didn’t decide to dine in them for reasons I can’t remember. One of my friends had visited some restaurants in mayfair when they came here not so long ago and told us that if we get the chance that we should check some of them out. Apparently the food at this particular restaurant, the Ormer Mayfair was meant to be really good. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time as there was just so much for us to see in this area of London. Maybe we’ll get the chance in the future. At London Bridge you should also visit Borough Market, an incredible food market!

Marylebone is an area not far from Oxford Street. We just went there to grab some lunch and have a shopping break, but the area was surprisingly nice! You will find loads of cute stores and cafes here. I can recommend a restaurant called The Good Life Eatery for healthy and great food (this is a chain so it can be found several places in London).

Camden Town is of course a touristy place, which I have visited several times. I still enjoy going to Camden. The area is so full of craziness! The market is so much fun, though I never buy anything here. If you have not been to Camden Town, it should be the first place to visit next time you are in London!

Notting Hill is also a quite touristy area, but the buildings here are so beautiful and I never get tired of walking around here. The area is especially known from the movie with the same name. There are no specific sights to see here, it is all about walking around and getting to know lovely atmosphere. In Notting Hill we ate at The Pain Quotidien, a chain with healthy food that can be found all over London.

One last advice: We also went clubbing in London, which can be a real hassle. If you want to go to decent clubs without paying for a table, make sure to get on a guest list/use a promoter. The dress codes are very strict, but when you finally get in, it is totally worth the effort.

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