My travel year – 2016

Long time no see! Again, I have been stuck at uni for a few months. I have finished all my exams now (40 exams over 4,5 years!), so I will hopefully have more time to travel in the nearest future as I am going to write my master thesis for the next months. Even though 2016 has been a year filled with studies and internships, I have managed to travel quite a bit. Here are my travel experiences in 2016!

I started 2016 by going to Oman and Kuwait. The year could not have had better start, as the trip was totally awesome! Kuwait did not really impress me; Kuwait City was quite boring, but the country itself is very interesting and so different from anywhere else I have been. Oman on the other hand was absolutely amazing, and I recommend a visit to the country! Read about Oman here and Kuwait here.


In March, I went on a trip to Krakow in Poland. I travel to Eastern Europe at least once a year and I have been to Poland several times – and I never get disappointed. Krakow is a charming and beautiful city; a perfect weekend destination. You can read about Krakow here.


In the end of May I finished the 4th year of my masters degree and moved to Oslo for the summer. I had two internships, which was extremely interesting and I learnt a lot, but it also meant that there would not be much traveling over the summer. Luckily, Oslo is a beautiful city and I spent the weekends being a tourist in Oslo, which you can read about here.


In July, I went to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, for a weekend. Copenhagen was a blast as always (I just realized I haven’t blogged about this trip).

In August I took a trip to Warsaw in Poland and Kiev in Ukraine. Even though Kiev was quite hot at the time, I really enjoyed this beautiful and different city. I recommend everyone to visit Kiev, despite the bad impression you might get from media. Read about my trip to Kiev here and Warsaw here.

In August, I also went to Albania for the first time. Saranda was crowded by tourists, but the beaches were stunning! Read about my Albanian experience here.

In the end of August, I got to experience the amazing Lofoten Island in the north of Norway. I was lucky to go there on a company trip, and I got to see some stunning nature. You can see more pictures from my trip here.

In September, I went on a road trip in Romania. We drove through Transylvania, which was such a great experience. If you’ve never been to Romania, but have always wanted to go, it may be worth doing some research into finding out about Odorheiu Secuiesc Romania attractions and then start planning your trip!
Romania is one of the most under-rated tourist destinations in Europe, and you can read more about my trip here to get some inspo!

At the moment, I just came home from Copenhagen, where I celebrated New Years. A great way to end a great year! Now I am on my way to Tel Aviv in Israel and I am excited to explore a new place!

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6 thoughts on “My travel year – 2016

  1. Utrolig hva du har rukket selv om du har studert! 😀 Oman ser veldig spennende ut, så dit kunne jeg gjerne tenke meg å reise selv. Kult at du trivdes i Romania og Albania også, dit har jeg veldig lyst å dra tilbake selv. 🙂 Ønsker deg en god tur til Israel, og lykke til med masteren! 😀

    • Ja, man rekker ganske mye innimellom! Oman anbefales absolutt, tror det var høydepunktet for reisene mine i 2016 😀 Takk for det!

  2. Dette kaller jeg ett bra reiseår! Jeg kom nettopp hjem fra Kiev, der jeg feiret nyttår, och det var enda finere der enn det jeg trodde.

  3. Så mange flotte destinasjoner du rakk å komme deg til i 2016! Oman og Romania er to land jeg ikke har besøkt men veldig gjerne vil besøke.

    Lykke til med masteroppgaven!

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