My travel year – 2016

Long time no see! Again, I have been stuck at uni for a few months. I have finished all my exams now (40 exams over 4,5 years!), so I will hopefully have more time to travel in the nearest future as I am going to write my master thesis for the next months. Even though 2016 has been a year filled with studies and internships, I have managed to travel quite a bit. Here are my travel experiences in 2016!

I started 2016 by going to Oman and Kuwait. The year could not have had better start, as the trip was totally awesome! Kuwait did not really impress me; Kuwait City was quite boring, but the country itself is very interesting and so different from anywhere else I have been. Oman on the other hand was absolutely amazing, and I recommend a visit to the country! Read about Oman here and Kuwait here.


In March, I went on a trip to Krakow in Poland. I travel to Eastern Europe at least once a year and I have been to Poland several times – and I never get disappointed. Krakow is a charming and beautiful city; a perfect weekend destination. You can read about Krakow here.


In the end of May I finished the 4th year of my masters degree and moved to Oslo for the summer. I had two internships, which was extremely interesting and I learnt a lot, but it also meant that there would not be much traveling over the summer. Luckily, Oslo is a beautiful city and I spent the weekends being a tourist in Oslo, which you can read about here.


In July, I went to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, for a weekend. Copenhagen was a blast as always (I just realized I haven’t blogged about this trip).

In August I took a trip to Warsaw in Poland and Kiev in Ukraine. Even though Kiev was quite hot at the time, I really enjoyed this beautiful and different city. I recommend everyone to visit Kiev, despite the bad impression you might get from media. Read about my trip to Kiev here and Warsaw here.

In August, I also went to Albania for the first time. Saranda was crowded by tourists, but the beaches were stunning! Read about my Albanian experience here.

In the end of August, I got to experience the amazing Lofoten Island in the north of Norway. I was lucky to go there on a company trip, and I got to see some stunning nature. You can see more pictures from my trip here.

In September, I went on a road trip in Romania. We drove through Transylvania, which was such a great experience. Romania is one of the most under-rated tourist destinations in Europe, and you can read more about my trip here to get some inspo!

At the moment, I just came home from Copenhagen, where I celebrated New Years. A great way to end a great year! Now I am on my way to Tel Aviv in Israel and I am excited to explore a new place!

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6 thoughts on “My travel year – 2016

  1. Utrolig hva du har rukket selv om du har studert! 😀 Oman ser veldig spennende ut, så dit kunne jeg gjerne tenke meg å reise selv. Kult at du trivdes i Romania og Albania også, dit har jeg veldig lyst å dra tilbake selv. 🙂 Ønsker deg en god tur til Israel, og lykke til med masteren! 😀

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