A weekend in Warsaw


I have been to Poland several times, but I have only visited  Krakow, Gdansk and Sopot. In August I decided that it was time to explore the capital, Warsaw. Warsaw might not be as picturesque as Krakow and Gdansk, and there aren’t that many tourists visiting Warsaw. I still found the city very interesting and beautiful!

My favorite part of Warsaw was the old town (not surprising, as I love Eastern European old towns!). The old town was established in the 14th century, and consists of several cute squares with many restaurant options. You should check out the Barbican and the area’s beautiful architecture. I recommend to visit the Old Town Observation Terrace for a great view of the old town.

DSC08013 DSC08003 DSC07990

A visit to one of Warsaw’s many garden is highly recommended. We went to Lazienki Park (you can also find a palace and a lake here), and it was stunning! The park is huge and it is the perfect place to relax. There are cute squirrels everywhere, and we even saw a colorful peacock!

DSC07950 DSC07969DSC07912

I always go shopping when I am in Poland, as the prices are quite low. There are many big malls with international brands in Warsaw, and we went to Zlote Tarasy. The area around Zlote Tarasy is also interesting, as it is very different from the Old Town with its modern skyscrapers.



In Warsaw, it feels like beautiful churches are popping up on every corner. The old, catholic churches almost made me feel like I was in Italy!


So, what do I think about Warsaw compared to the other Polish cities I have visited? Warsaw has a lot to offer, and I have the impression that it is a very good place to party. Even though the old town and the parks are beautiful, I missed to have the opportunity to walk around everywhere. It is impossible to just walk around, you need to take a taxi or use public transport to get around. At the same time, I like how Warsaw gives you the “big city feeling”, something you wouldn’t get in cities like Krakow and Gdansk.

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4 thoughts on “A weekend in Warsaw

  1. Love your photos! I definitely agree that Warsaw is beautiful and worth visiting, and the Old Town is also my favourite place for sightseeing. It is definitely one of the best places in Poland for parties. Last time I’ve been there I went to New Orleans with my friend. Amazing club! Really elegant and not overcrowded. Delicious drinks and food and really nice atmosphere. I haven’t seen other cities in Poland, but hope to explore it more during next holidays:)

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  3. Amazing photos! It looks like you had so much fun in Warsaw. I love visiting my friends in this city and exploring it with them. Our last discovery is a great, cozy bar in the Old Town called Bubbles. They have champagnes and wines from all over the world as well as incredible food. I would never think that champagne is such a great addition to a normal dinner:)

  4. Nice post. I went to Warsaw few weeks ago and I loved the city. As it my first trip there, I used some on0line sources on where to stay and what is worth seeing. The most useful website was http://bestplaceswarsaw.com/. It has lists of the best places in Warsaw with descriptions and links. It really made my trip much easier and enjoyable.

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