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Trondheim, my hometown, is the third biggest city in Norway, located in the middle of the country. I grew up in Trondheim, and I am currently living here as a student, as it is the major student city in Norway. Lately a few friends from other countries have been visiting me, and I have gotten to explore my own city as a tourist. Here is how I would spend two days as a tourist in Trondheim!

Day 1
Nidarosdomen, the cathedral of Trondheim, is the top tourist attraction in the city. The church dates back to 1070, and was built over the burial site of Saint Olav, Norway’s king at that time. The gothic cathedral is quite a sight, and the interior is also very beautiful. You can even go up in the church’s tower and see the stunning view of the city.


After checking out the cathedral, walk over to the lovely area Bakklandet. On your way here, you will cross the Old Town Bridge, a charming and iconic bridge constructed in the 17th century. Bakklandet is the old town in Trondheim, consisting of small wooden and narrow streets. The neighborhood is located near the city’s river, Nidelven, which makes it all very picturesque. The wooden houses are actually people’s homes, but there are also many cafes, restaurants, artistic shops and galleries here. For lunch, I recommend “Baklandet Skydsstation”. This is actually a traditional Danish restaurant, but it also serves a few traditional Norwegian dishes, for example reindeer (“Viltgryte”) and seafood. It is also a nice way to explore the wooden houses from the inside, as the interior is very old-fashion and cute.

After checking out Bakklandet, it is time to have a look at Trondheim’s old, colorful wharfs. The wharfs were originally built in the 18th century, but because of several fires, many of them are rebuilt in the recent years.  You can spot the wharfs from Bakklandet, or you can walk down the street Kjøpmannsgata (which is the street located on the other side of the river) to check them out. There are also a few wharfs located along Fjordgata (street), which is a five minutes’ walk from Bakklandet. At the end of Fjordgata, you can also check out Ravnkloa, the fish market in Trondheim.

IMG_3345 IMG_3344



From Ravnkloa (the fish market), you can take the boat to Munkholmen. Munkholmen is an islet that has been used as a monastery, a prison and a fortress. Today, it is a popular summer destination – both tourists and locals love it here. You can walk around the islet, visit the café or swim in the fjord as there is a small beach on the islet.

When you are back in the city after your trip to Munkholmen, I recommend you to spend some more time in the city center if you have time. Other than the sights mentioned above, you can check out Stiftsgården, which is the royal family’s residence in Trondheim, the market square and Nordre promenade. You can also do some good shopping here.

DSC01149 DSC01142

Spend your evening at Solsiden. Solsiden means “sunny side”, and you can find many decent restaurants and bars here. This is the place to be on a hot summer night in Trondheim. I recommend Una Pizzeria for Italian food, NordØst for a tasty meal mixing Asian and Norwegian cooking and Barmuda for a night out.

Day 2
Start the day at Sverresborg Folk Museum, located at Byåsen in Trondheim. It is easily reached by a bus from the city centre. This is an outdoor museum with many historical buildings as well as some other indoor exhibitions. If you want to see traditional Norwegian buildings and get to know Trondheim’s history, you should go here – and the place is in general very charming. After a visit to the museum, go to the nearby view point “Utsikten”, which gives an amazing view of the city.
DSC07007 DSC07004DSC07033

After checking out Sverresborg Folk Museum and Utsikten, it is time to go to Ila, an area located between Byåsen and the city centre. It might remind you about Bakklandet, as you can find many old, wooden houses in Ila as well. From Ila you walk along the ocean promenade towards the pier. At the pier you should visit Rockheim if you are interesting in Music. Rockheim is a museum with music exhibitions from different decades. Clarion Hotel & Congress is located right next to Rockheim, and is their roof top restaurant (Astrum Skybar) is a great place for a lunch with a fjord view. The pictures of the sunset below are taken from the restaurant’s terrace. DSC07039DSC01173 DSC01162

After lunch, take the bus to Kristiansten Fortress. The fortress was built in the 17th century, and is today a popular attraction in Trondheim. The view of the city is stunning from the hill. After visiting Kristiansten Fortress, you continue your trip with a bus to the Tyholttårnet, which is a radio tower with a view platform. You can either just visit the view platform here, or go to the revolving restaurant. The view platform is 80 meters up.

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  1. Herlig skrevet! Jeg har dessverre aldri vært i Trondheim (selv om bestevenninnen min bodde der i 4 år..) – det er jo nesten skammelig! Satser på en tur snart 🙂

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