Guest post: Five days in D.C.

For the first time, I have guest writer contributing to my travel blog! Terese Nordgård is a Norwegian travel blogger who just came home from a trip to Washington D.C., and she has been kind enough to write a guest post about her trip. I recommend you to check out Terese’s travel blog here!

My name is Terese Nordgård, and I am a Norwegian student who lives in Oslo and love to travel. I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to write a guest post for Maria’s awesome blog!

Many people will automatically think of things and places like The White House, The Capitol, politics, Homeland and House of Cards when they think of the capital of the United States, Washington D.C. But what more is there beyond the marmor monuments? I combined my trip to New York with five days in D.C., together with one of my friends who is studying there. Here are some tips on how to take the visit beyond the traditional tourist traps.

First of all: How do you get to D.C. from Europe? When I checked the plane tickets (here), the tickets to D.C. were three times more expensive to D.C. than to New York. The solution was to fly to NY and take the bus to D.C. I found my bus tickets here. The bus costed 25 dollars, the ride took 4,5 hours and it was a good way to get an impression of the east coast.

When in D.C., there are three areas you focus on; Smithsonian, Georgetown and Adams Morgan.

Smithsonian is the area of the Capitol, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and a lot of museums. In the Capitol, they offer free guided tours. The bunch of museums consists of:

  • Smithsonian Museum of American History
  • Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
  • National Gallery of Art
  • Smithsonian Air and Space Museum
  • National Museum of the American Indian
  • Hirshhorn Museum
  • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
  • National Portrait Gallery

As you can see, it is a lot to experience and process, and I would recommend you to use two or three days to see these museums. We didn’t have the time or energy to see everything. My favorites were Air and Space Museum and especially the National Portrait Gallery, where you could see portraits of famous Americans like Brad Pitt, Katy Perry and Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood. In the portrait gallery, there is also a great art shop and a big, light indoor piazza with a café. In here, they also have jazz concerts.

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Georgetown is, in my opinion, the most beautiful area in the city. There are hip and cosy cafés, vintage shops and great ordinary shops – like an awesome Urban Outfitters. It is also very beautiful with old wooden houses in different colors and a lot of threes and flowers.

Georgetown treats:
– Baked and Wired: One of the most famous cupcake cafés in D.C. with a lot of big and delicious cupcakes to choose between. My favorite was «Karen´s birthday»: chocolate dough and vanilla frosting.
– Café Snap: For a quick bite, like a crêpe, smoothie or perhaps some bubble tea, I can recommend Snaps, a cosy café not far away from the main street.

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Eat, drink and read in Adams Morgan:
This area is the place to go out in D.C. If you’re here for dinner, I would definitely go to to Kapnos, and please order firsts, seconds and desert – because it is so goooood! If what brings you is late night plans and dancing, I will recommend Bar Charley, where the dance floor always is being used or the blues bar Madams Organ if you’re more in the drinking and talking mood. I will also recommend to stop by the bookshop Idle Time Books, where you can find old and new books from all over the world in a very Notting Hill kind of atmosphere.

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So now I hope you have a little bigger understanding of the American capital. Have a good trip!

– Terese Nordgaard

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