5 things to do in London


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Since I visited London for the first time when I was 13, I went back several times and I will never get tired of the city. There’s so much history in just one city, that it is hard not to want to find out this sort of information. Even if I decide to visit The British Library, you’ll know that you won’t go there just for the books. The building itself is something in itself. If you are planning on visiting London and want to visit The British Library, Click here for more information and learn about other famous libraries too! Basically, London just has so much to offer, so you won’t be bored anytime soon.

The thing about London is no matter where you live, of course it will take a different amount of time to get there, but overall, it is a place that is accessible to pretty much anyone to visit. Whether you live in Birmingham, Scotland or High Wycombe, which is on the outskirts of London, doing a quick google search into something like hotels near eden shopping centre high wycombe would be beneficial. At least this way, even if you did want to come down to visit London, you’ll have a place to stay. This works out very nicely. nO wonder why this city is so popular. London was the most visited city in the world in 2015 with more than 18 million travelers – that is quite a number! There is also a huge amount of rental space available here too and it certainly is an ideal place to be for any business-centric individuals out there. London has a lot to offer, and here are some suggestions for how to spend a few days in the city…

  1. Visit the Harry Potter Studios. I am the biggest Harry Potter fan ever (I even have a cat named Harry Potter), and when I visited the Harry Potter Studios in 2014 I absolutely loved it. You can walk through Diagon Alley, have a butter beer and get your own wand. An amazing experience for every Harry Potter fan!
  1. Go shopping. On my first trip to London, I have to admit that I did not see anything else than Oxford Street and I spent way too much money at Primark and Topshop. Luckily I soon realized that London was so much more than Oxford Street, both when it came to shopping and other stuff. In London, you find something no matter what style you have – either you want to go crazy at Westfield, window-shopping at Harrods or find unique pieces at the Camden Market.
  1. Visit the biggest attractions in the city as London Eye and Big Ben, which are located right next to each other. London Eye offers the best view of London, and Big Ben is an icon you can’t miss.
  1. Watch a football match. London is home to several big teams, as Chelsea, West Ham and Arsenal. On footballticketscompare.com you can buy match tickets to all these – in addition to many other teams. For example, you can buy tickets for Arsenal here.
  1. Enjoy a relaxing day in Hyde Park or one of the other huge parks in London. At summer time you can chill and get tan by one of the many lakes, and during the winter you can go to the amazing Winter Wonderland and get into the Christmas spirit.

What are your London favorites?

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2 thoughts on “5 things to do in London

  1. Mine London favorittar er: Camden marked, Frokost på Trafalger Square – så gode scones på kunst galleriet!, musikal, og å sitte på en kafe og høre på folket. Også å gå i bokhandel der var veldig hyggelig. Alt er kjekt i London egentlig! En favoritt by.

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