Goodbye, 2015!


Another year has passed, and I cannot believe how fast time flies. 2015 has been a good travel year. I visited eight countries and I did several small trips in Norway. Anyhow, it does not feels like that I have been travelling much this year. Probably because I have worked or studied in another part of the world for some months every year lately – but not this year. I am still happy with 2015. In addition to travelling, I bought my first apartment, I finished my bachelor’s degree and started my master’s degree.

Here is a summary of my travel year. Where did you travel in 2015?

In January, I went to Scotland to meet some friends I met while studying in Hong Kong. We met up in Edinburgh and spent a few days here before we went on a road trip to the Scottish highlands. We also went to Glasgow on a day trip. I loved Edinburgh, such a lovely city. The nature in the highlands was amazing. I also got to visit several Harry Potter locations in Scotland, which was awesome.


DSC04668 DSC04848


In March I went to Gdansk in Poland with my boyfriend. We got super cheap tickets with Wizzair, and stayed in a very nice hotel for a good price. Gdansk did surprise us – we did not have any expectations, but it was a very cozy city! We also took a day trip to the beach town Sopot.

DSC05832 DSC05996


In the end of March I went to Cuba with my friend Eirin. We stayed a few days in Havana (we actually stayed longer than we wanted, because we had to wait for our late luggage)… We explored Centro Habana with its many old cars, modern Vedado  and beautiful Havana Vieja. After Havana, we went to Trinidad, a charming town. The beaches in the area were white with crystal clear water – amazing.

DSC06565 DSC07189 DSC07319 DSC06733 DSC07476


After two months of exams and hard work, I went to Slovenia in June. Slovenia is, after this trip, one of my favorite countries in Europe. Slovenia has everything. In a week, we went shopping in Ljubljana, hiking in Kranskja Gora and Kamnik, enjoyed the nature in Bohinj and Bled, to the beach in Piran, and visited wine yards Goriska Brda. If you are going to travel in Europe in 2016, I recommend Slovenia!
DSC08588 DSC08885

DSC09769 DSC09436 DSC00354


In August, I went to Italy. We spent a couple of days in Rome, where we got to see many famous sights in two days and eat lovely Italian food. After Rome, we went to Sicily. My mum’s aunt has lived in Taormina for decades, and we visited her and enjoyed Sicily’s stunning beaches.

DSC01096 DSC00898DSC01644 DSC01698



In August I went to Cyprus with my boyfriend. We spent most of the time relaxing on the beach, but we also did a road trip. So many beautiful beaches!

aDSC01867 DSC01997 DSC01938


In September we went on a road trip in Norway, to Skjåk where my family has a cabin. We got to see a lot of beautiful nature and a melting glacier.

DSC02100 DSC02388 DSC02167


In December, I went to Morocco with my mum. We had a whole week in Marrakech. We went on a day trip to Essaouira and a day trip to the Atlas Mountains. I was surprised by how exotic Morocco was, considering its only a 5-hour flight from Norway.

DSC03029 DSC02693 DSC02821


Happy new year!

4 thoughts on “Goodbye, 2015!

  1. For et flott reiseår, med mange spennende reisemål! Jeg har ikke vært noen av stedene, men særlig Cuba står høyt på ønskelista. Forresten er det et fantastisk lys på det nederste bildet, det tror jeg ikke jeg fikk sagt første gang jeg så bildet. Godt nytt år – håper du får mange nye og spennende reiseopplevelser!

  2. Reist lite liksom 😉 Dette ser jo ut som et helt fantastisk reiseår! Du har rukket utrolig mye til tross for jobb og studier! Bra at du likte Slovenia såpass godt, men på andre siden er det jo nesten umulig å ikke falle for det lille varierte landet 😉 Herregud, Cuba altså… Jeg.må.dit nå i vinter. Prøver å finne billige billetter, men det ekke lett altså :p

    • Hehe, alt er relativt! Men ja, har fått presset inn ganske mye 😉 Cuba må du få dratt dit, det forandrer seg alt for raskt der! Plutselig er Cuba som alle andre land…

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