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Staying in a «riad» in the medina of Marrakech is essential if you want the real Moroccan experience. A riad is a traditional, Moroccan house with a courtyard in the center. Most hotels in the medina are riads – they can be everything from expensive 5 star hotels to cheap hostels.

We stayed at Riad Aubrac, which was an OK riad. It was not too expensive, and we got what we expected. I am very happy we chose to stay in a riad. Every morning we had a traditional breakfast on the roof terrace, which was lovely. The room had beautiful, Moroccan decorations, and so had the rest of the riad. Riad Aubrac only has six rooms, and most of the time we were the only guests. It was surprisingly quiet in the riad, especially considering how noisy and busy the streets outside were.

Staying in a riad is absolutely something I recommend. If you are staying in Marrakech for a whole week, I would consider staying in a riad for a couple of days and then chose a hotel outside the medina for the rest of the week. This is because the medina is quite exhausting. If we were going out for dinner or just to buy some water, we had to walk through busy streets with pushy salesmen and motorbikes everywhere. This is charming for some time, before it gets a bit annoying…

I am not the biggest fan of Arabic food, so when I went to Morocco I didn’t have high expectations for the food. The Moroccan food was OK, but not something I wanted to eat for lunch and dinner everyday, especially since most of the restaurants in the medina served the same food (a lot of tagine and couscous). So if you want something else than Moroccan food in Marrakech, this is the restaurant guide for you!

Zwin Zwin Café is a restaurant located in the medina, and it has a roof-top terrace with a beautiful view. It is one of few restaurants in the medina serving alcohol. We ate here twice. The mini burgers I ate were one of the best meals I had in Marrakech, so tasty!


If you are up for some Asian food, I recommend Le Petit Chinois, a restaurant located in the new part of Marrakech. It is modern and a bit pricey, but the food I delicious. They have a wide variety of Asian food, for example sushi, dim sum and noodles. Yummy!
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I had Moroccan food several times in Marrakech, but most places didn’t impress me. Most traditional restaurants in the medina serve tagine or couscous, so I was happy when I found L’tchine, a restaurant located in the new city. They have a Moroccan lunch buffet for 99DH, which was surprisingly good, and I got to taste a lot of different Moroccan food.


L’annexe is a French restaurant located in the new part of Marrakech. This is fine dining for a decent price. I had entrecôte and crème brûlée – both amazing. Highly recommended (even though the waiters are a bit rude).

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The Mexican food I had at Roti D’or was the cheapest food I ate in Marrakech. For 20DH (2 EUR) you get a full meal (including rice and french fries). We ate here for dinner and lunch several times because the location was close to our hotel, and the tacos were really good!


Un dejeuner a Marrakech is a nice restaurant in the medina. They serve Moroccan and French food. We ate here twice, and we had a delicious burger both times. The prices are higher than average, but you still get value for the money.


After shopping in the souks for a couple of hours, we found Riad Dar Tim Tam Restaurant by chance – and it was like an oasis in the chaotic streets of the medina. We only had a drink here, so I can’t recommend the food – but the place is lovely. To get to the restaurant we walked through a carpet shop located in the same building, so cool!


If you are a wine-lover, Marrakech is not the place for you. In the medina, only a few restaurants serve alcohol (I think this is the case for restaurants outside the medina as well). Le Salama is one of the few places serving alcohol in the medina, close to the square – beer, wine and drinks. I didn’t try the food here and our waitress was quite rude, so I can’t recommend the place for anything else than drinks.

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