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After our two days in Rome we went to the town Taormina in Sicily, to visit my mum’s aunt who has lived there for decades. We were lucky to borrow her apartment, which is located in the middle of the main street in Taormina, Corso Umberto. If you want to take a Vacation in Sicily there are some amazing hotels and apartments you will be able to stay at. Taormina used to be an exclusive and sophisticated holiday destination where celebrities and jetsetters went for holiday. Today, it is a very popular holiday destination for all kind of people. The town is full of tourists during the summer – you can barely walk in the main street in the evening because of the crowds. During daytime, you can see tourist groups with a guide in front of every church. Every second shop is a souvenir shop, and you find restaurants everywhere.

But – despite the hoards tourists, the town has its charm and it is full of history (it was founded in around 400 BC!). Taormina is located on a mountain terrace, and you can see Mount Etna from the town. There are many beaches in the area, which can be reached by taking the bus or the cable car.

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Along the main street, Corso Umberto, there are several piazzas and churches worth to check out. It is also here you find most of the restaurants and shops in Taormina. Everything here is expensive – both the shops and the restaurants. Taormina is known for being a bit over-priced, but you can find less expensive restaurants if you look for them. You can for example get a pizza for 7-8 euros several places.

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Most people who go to Taormina also go for the amazing beaches in the area. As mentioned, it is easy to get down from Taormina to the beaches by using the cable car, but it also quite expensive – 3 euros one way. You can rent sun beds and umbrellas at every beach, but it can be very expensive – up to 15 euros each person. The most beautiful beach (the first pictures below) is Isola Bella, which is really stunning (but expensive). Most days, we went to either Lido Tropicana or Lido Dolce Vita, which has a package price; transport to/from Taormina and sunbed with umbrella for 6-8 euros.

DSC01698DSC01675DSC01574DSC01588DSC01579Taormina is full of restaurants, and most of them serve pasta and pizza. For pizza, I recommend Villa Zuccaro Pizzeria, which is located just above Piazza Duomo. They have amazing pizza – either you try the traditional pizzas or their specialities (like pizza with truffle cream, yummy!). For seafood (they also have good pasta and steaks), I recommend Al Giardino, which has reasonable prices compared to similar restaurants in Taormina. It is located a short walk from Corso Umberto, near the public gardens. One thing you have to try when you are in Taormina, is “Granita with cream and broiche”. You don’t eat it separately, but together, and even though it sounds weird, it is delicious! They serve this everywhere, as it is a common Sicilian breakfast.

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Castelmola is a small, medieval village that is located even higher up in the mountain than Taormina. You can easily take the bus from Taormina to Castelmola – it is not far, and the tickets are cheap. Castelmola offers an incredible view. We were quite unlucky when we went there, because it was a thunder storm coming – so the view was nearly non-existing (so imagine the view in my images, times ten!).


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  1. Elsker Taormina. Jeg var så heldig å kunne gå opp på Etna da jeg var der, og samme kveld hadde hun utbrudd. Om kvelden, da vi spiste middag, sto store mengder lava ut mens hele området buldret. Litt halvscary, men spektakulært!

  2. Taormina er en utrolig koselig by. Flotte bilder du har tatt også 🙂 Jeg ahr kun vært på dagsbesøk da vi bodde i Brolo som ligger litt på andre siden av Sicilia.

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