Exploring Cyprus in a buggy


In the end of August, I went to Cyprus with my boyfriend. We went to Protaras/Fig Tree Bay, and the purpose of the trip was to relax on the beach. Honestly, that was also the only thing to do in the area, as it is built for tourism and there is nothing else to see or do. The main streets are full of overpriced restaurants and souvenir shops, but it was a nice place to relax for a week. But, as the travel geek I am, I wanted to see a bit more of the island. We had planned to rent a car and drive around the country – but as I got sick after the first day, we decided to take it easy. Instead of renting a car, we rented a “buggy car” and drove along the east coast of Cyprus for one day.

We started in Fig Tree Bay, where we also stayed. Fig Tree Bay is located in the area Protaras, and it is a very popular tourist destinations. Everywhere we went we could hear people speaking Norwegian (or Swedish), and some restaurants even had menus in one of the languages… It was a bit too much for me, as I prefer more authentic places. But, it was an OK place to stay, and it was very cheap. We paid around 3700NOK per person for a 4 star hotel for one week and a direct flight from Trondheim (and there are rarely any direct flights from Trondheim at all). Not too bad! As mentioned, there was not much to see in the area, other than beautiful beaches and the Church of Prophet Elias, which is located on a hill. From the hill you get a great view of Protaras as well.


We then drove north, with no special destination in mind. We tried to take the roads along the coast as much as possible (they were in quite bad condition, so an ATV or a buggy is recommended). Here we explored secret beaches, and visited some more known tourist beaches – and they were all so beautiful! We visited Pernera and Kappari, two popular tourist destinations, and many smaller beaches – they are easy to find, just drive along the coast!




After exploring this part of the island, we drove south, passing Fig Tree Bay and down to Cape Greko. Cape Greko is a national park, where you for example can find a view point showing you the most amazing view of the coast. You will also find the famous Cape Greko, a cave, which is a good spot for snorkeling.



We ended the trip by driving down to the famous party destination Ayia Napa. This is where Scandinavian teens go to party for two weeks and do nothing else… We drove through the popular party streets, and it was like a ghost town during day time – I can’t imagine how this looks at night, ha ha… Anyways, we didn’t spend much time here. One of the other days in Cyprus we took the local bus to Nissi Beach, which is a lovely (but crowded) beach – definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.



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9 thoughts on “Exploring Cyprus in a buggy

  1. Så flott det ser ut! Bare synd at turismen har tatt fullstendig over enkelste steder. Ikke spesielt gøy å høre kelnere rope “svorsk” etter deg når du går nedover gaten, I guess :p Men kul idé leie en slik buggy-bil da! Da kommer man jo seg litt utenom, og oppdager enda flottere steder ser det ut som! Vannet ser jo helt himmelsk ut der.

    • Ja, men når man drar på chartertur så kan man vel ikke forvente så mye annet, hehe! Første gang på charter, men hadde en anelse av hva jeg gikk til! Det var jo veldig fint utenom turistområdene! 🙂

  2. Ser helt herlig ut! Men er ikke helt fan av når folk snakker norsk eller svensk når jeg er i utlandet.
    Men uansett deilig med varme, strand, blått hav, god mat og drikke 🙂

  3. For et fantastisk vakkert sted! Men forstår godt at det blir litt for mye av det gode når alle rundt deg er skandinaviske – men definitivt verdt det for den prisen! 🙂

  4. Det så utrolig fint ut der. Mange flotte bilder 🙂 Men skjønner hva du mener. Greit nok å slippe skandinavenere når man er på tur 🙂

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