Slovenia: The wine district Goriska Brda


The next stop on our road trip in Slovenia was Goriska Brda, a wine district south in Slovenia. To get there, we drove through Trenta Valley, along the crystal-clear blue river Sôca. There are several villages along the river, and we stopped in Kanal Ob Soci for a break and lunch. We stopped here because this village seemed to be the nicest one – and I think it was, because it was so lovely here. We ate lunch at a small restaurant (actually, the only restaurant I saw in the city), and the food were amazing. They only had one option; a three course lunch for 6 euros. We started with soup, then we got some meat and vedgetables and we ended the meal with a local cake. So cheap and so good!

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Goriska Brda
Goriska Brda is one of Slovenia’s wine districts. We had one full day in the area, and we decided to drive “The Wine Road”, which was recommended official Slovenian travel website here. It might seem like a long trip, but the villages are very close – often only 1km. We drove through some of them, and stopped in the bigger ones. The most amazing part of driving The Wine Road is the view of the wine yards and the green hills.
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Smartno is a lovely village, and you can walk through it in a few minutes. There are 2-3 restaurants here. We ate at San Martin, which had an amazing view, but the food wasn’t the best – but it is a good place for a drink.
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Medana is another small village with great view. We went to Belica for some wine, cheese and cold cuts. This is a tourist farm where you can stay as well, and it looked like a really nice place.

Gonjace is another village, where the main attraction is a view tower. The tower is 23 m high and gives you a 360-degree view. You can park right next to the tower, and then take the 144 stairs to the top. A must if you are in the area!



is the biggest village in the area, but it is still quite small – it only has around 400 inhabitants. Dobrovo is known for its castle, and you will also find a few wine shops here selling local wine.
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Eat & Sleep in Goriska Brda
We stayed at Farm Stekar, a winery with rooms for rent. The room, the house and the surroundings were perfect, but I was quite disappointed with the service (which was non-existing, we didn’t feel welcome at all), so I don’t recommend this place. But staying at a winery like this is a must if you are in the area, and there are other options.

For food, we went to San Martin in Smartno for dinner (I don’t recommend eating here, but enjoy the view with a drink) and to Belica for wine and cheese (delicious). I found the dining options a bit limited – there wasn’t many restaurants in the area. The restaurants we visited didn’t have a meny in English either, only in Italian and Slovenian – so the waiter had to translate for us.

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8 thoughts on “Slovenia: The wine district Goriska Brda

  1. Nydelige bilder! Og så spennende å besøke et vindistrikt der nede – det er jo ikke akkurat så ofte at vi hører om vin fra Slovenia liksom. Håper det smakte? 🙂

    • Ja, Slovenia produserer faktisk mye vin (i forhold til landets størrelse) – men er absolutt ikke like kjent som sine naboland som vinprodusent 🙂

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  3. Så lekkert – og spennende lesing! Jeg var heller ikke klar over vinproduksjonen i Slovenia, helt klart en skjult perle. Kunne vi ha postet noe tilsvarende på Travelfemme? 🙂 Bare gi meg en lyd på God tirsdag! 🙂

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