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The last stops on our road trip in Slovenia were the coastal towns Piran and Portoroz. We went to this area of Slovenia because we wanted to relax by the sea. Slovenia only has a tiny coastline, so Piran and Portoroz are close to the neighbor countries Croatia and Italy. The Italian culture has especially influenced the area, as it earlier was a part of Italy.

Piran has a picturesque and well-preserved old town. The city is quite small with its 4000 inhabitants, but it is crowded during the summer because of all the tourists – both Slovenian and international.

The main square, Tartinijev trg, is the heart of the city where everything is happening. When we visited Piran, there was a big second hand market as well as concerts and other sorts of entertainment in the square. From the square you can walk up to Church of St. George, which is overlooking the city and offers a beautiful view. You can also climb up to the town walls for an even more incredible view. Walking around in the streets of Piran is also a great experience, as the houses are very old, beautiful and colorful. If you walk along the sea, you will find dozens of restaurants with lovely seafood. You can also sunbath or take a swim from the rocks by the sea.

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When we visited Piran, we stayed in a neighbor city called Portoroz, which is located about 3 km from Piran. Most of the hotels and the resorts in the area are located here, and it is a nice place to stay for relaxing, tanning etc. The city itself is nothing to see. There are no natural beaches here, but a few man-made sand beaches where you can rent a sunbed or you can sit on the rocks and enter the water by using stairs that are placed along the water front. We stayed in a hotel with a nice pool, which I found necessary as there were no nice beaches around. To get to Piran, you can either take a taxi or take the local bus (we only took the bus, and it was cheap and easy).



Eat & Sleep in Piran/Portoroz:
We stayed at Hotel Marita in Portoroz. This is a really nice hotel, with a great pool and perfect location in Portoroz. Our room was huge and amazing. The only negative comment I have is that they had a wedding at the hotel one night, which made it impossible to sleep… But except from that, the hotel was very good.

Ribja Kantina – Trattoria del Pescatore is a simple, but popular seafood restaurant in Portoroz. When we came, we had to wait a while for a table, which was OK. Then we ordered food (a fish platter), and were told that it would take some time – about 20 minutes. After 45 minutes, we finally got the waiter’s attention and asked if our food would be coming soon. “Only another ten minutes”, he said. Luckily, the food came straight after we asked, but it is way too long to wait almost one hour for the food. The restaurant was very crowded, and I felt really bad for the people working there. But the food was delicious – probably a good place to visit during weekdays or for lunch (not a Saturday evening).

Kavarna Cacau is a café in Portoroz with amazing, Italian ice cream – and all the flavors you can imagine. It is located on the “beach” in Portoroz, and is a nice place to sit down for a break.

Pizzeria Petica is a restaurant in Piran. We went here for lunch, and ordered pizza. It took more than 30 minutes before we got the pizzas, and we were the only guests in the restaurant… That’s too long! But the pizza was sooo good – but be prepared to wait.

Pirat is an incredible seafood restaurant, located nearby the ocean. We ordered the fish platter for two, and got two whole fishes, shrimps and squids. It was a fantastic meal, and I think we paid around 32 euros for the whole platter. The service was excellent, and the restaurant was nice and had a great location.


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