Slovenia: Lake Bled


Lake Bled

Lake Bled is a famous lake in the Julian Alps. The lake is known for its magic, green color, the island in the middle of the lake and the majestic mountains surrounding the lake.

Lake Bled is said to be one of Slovenia’s most beautiful places, and it is a popular tourist destination. It actually surprised me how touristy the area was; every building seemed to host a hotel or a restaurant, and there were big tourist groups (especially many Chinese tourists) everywhere. But, it is a reason why the place is popular. The lake is really beautiful, and you shouldn’t visit Slovenia without going to Lake Bled for a day or two.

Bled Island is a tiny Island in the middle of the lake. On the island, you will find a church, and you can walk around the island. If you want to visit the island, you have two options. You can either go by a “pletna boat”, which is a tourist boat. The boats leave from different places around the lake, and they will usually go when they are full (they can take up to 12 people, I think). The price is 12 euros per person, and the trip will probably take around 2 hours in total. We chose the other option, which is renting a boat and rowing over there by ourselves. The price was 15 euros for one hour (which was enough time).

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Bled Castle

Bled Castle is overlooking the area from a hill above the lake. The castle was first mentioned in year 1004, and is the oldest castle in Slovenia. The castle is a popular tourist attraction, and can either be reached by car (there is a parking lot next to the castle) or by foot (you can walk from the lake). In the castle you will find a museum, a café and a few shops. There is also small chapel here, with beautiful paintings. The castle is worth a visit, mostly because of the amazing view over the lake.

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Vintgar Gorge

This 1,6km long gorge is one of Slovenia’s most visited natural attractions. There are wooden bridges along the gorge, which makes it a nice walk. The water is known for its clear color, but when we visited the gorge, it was more brown-ish, because of the heavy rainfalls the day before – but it was still pretty cool.


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Eat & Sleep in Bled

Finefood Penzion Berc is a top-rated restaurant at Tripadvisor, so we had pretty high expectations when we came here – and we weren’t disappointed! In Slovenian standards, this is a high-end restaurant. The food is amazing, and for Norwegians, it is actually pretty cheap. We had three mains, one dessert, four glasses of wine, one beer and water – and it all came to 72 euros. Totally worth it! They serve Slovenian food, for example pasta, meat and fish. The restaurant seems to be quite popular, so book a table in advance.

Pizzera Rustika is located near the castle and the lake, and is a great place for a quick lunch. We didn’t have any expectations, but when the pizzas arrived (we ordered the salami pizza), we were very surprised. I can’t remember last time I had pizza as good as this one! Visit this restaurant for real Italian pizza – I promise, you will not regret eating here!

Garni Hotel Jadran: When we were looking for places to stay in Bled (which was about 1-2 months before the trip) most of the decent hotels/apartments in Bled were full booked. We were happy when we found Garni Hotel Jadran. The hotel is a bit old, but has the perfect location. Our room had a balcony with a great view of the lake, you can walk down to the lake in a minute and you can walk to most of the restaurants. The service and the breakfast at the hotel were also good.

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  1. Har hørt rykter om denne plassen, og det ser kjempefint ut der! Morsomt å høre om Slovenia da det er et land man ikke hører så veldig mye om. Og jeg er ikke overrasket over at det var mange kinesere der, haha! 🙂

    • Ja! Vi hadde en hel dag med ekstreme regnskurer, så da var det jammen ikke mye å gjøre der… Men alt ble bedre da sola tittet frem 😀

  2. I didn’t have time to see Lake Bled when I was in Slovenia, and now I’m really regretting it! That was a long time ago though, so I’m probably due for a trip there now anyway at least 🙂

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