How to plan a trip?


A trip always require a lot of planning. You have to figure out where you want to go, book flights & accommodation and plan what you want to see & do. There are always hundreds of possibilities, and making a choice isn’t always easy.

♥ The first thing I do when I am planning a trip, is to find flights. Often, I decide where to go based on flight deals – you can always find cheap hotels where you decide to go. When I look for good flight deals, I compare different websites and airlines. is one of my favorite search engines, but I also check out specific airlines and different combinations. For example, it is often cheaper to book my international flights from Oslo, and then book my ticket from Trondheim to Oslo separate.


♥ What I do next, is to find accommodation. I find it helpful to decide criteria as price range, preferred location and requirements (Wi-Fi, breakfast, pool etc.) before I start looking – it makes it so much easier to choose! is a great search engine for hotels. It is great because it focuses on a group of countries, and then gives you very good deals for these countries. has a big focus on Scandinavian hotel deals, in addition to deals in Austria, Germany, Holland and Belgium. When I find potential hotels, I always google them and check out reviews and pictures taken by guests before I book it.


♥ When flights and accommodation are booked, it’s time for the funniest part – doing research! Where to go? What to do? What to buy? What is the story of this place? How is the culture? How detailed I plan my trip, depends on the length of the trip. If I am in a big city for only two days, I will plan every detail, so I’m sure to see everything I want. But, no matter if I plan the days detailed or not, I find good research very helpful.


♥ For me, it’s important to plan the restaurants I will visit. If you go to a random restaurant, the chances for it being good are very low (especially in the tourist districts). I always use Tripadvisor to check out the top rated restaurants in an area, and then I look at the menus to make sure the restaurant is in the right price range. When I visited Slovenia in June, I had planned the restaurants to every last detail, and I have never eaten so much amazing food in one trip.


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