Slovenia: Kamnik & Velika Planina


Currently, I am on a road trip in Slovenia. In total, we only have eight days in Slovenia, but we will manage to see a lot of the country, as it is very small (but it still has a lot to offer!). Slovenia must be the perfect country for an interesting holiday. Slovenia has mountains, beaches, historical buildings and architecture, great food, shopping, wine yards, extreme sports – and so on.

In eight days, our plan is to visit the following areas:

  • Kamnik & Velika Planina
  • Lake Bled & Lake Bohinj
  • The mountain area Kranskja Gora & Vrsic
  • Trenta Valley
  • The wine district Goriska Brda
  • The coastal town Piran, the surrounding beaches and Skocjan caves
  • The capital Ljubljana

This may seem a bit ambitious, but because of short distances we have been able to see and do a lot in only a few days. I am already in love with this country!

We travelled from Trondheim to Ljubljana with SAS and rented a car at Ljubljana airport. We spent the first night at an airport hotel as we arrived quite late, before we drove straight to Kamnik.

Kamnik is a small city located a 30 minutes drive north from Ljubljana. Kamnik is one of the oldest cities in Slovenia, and it goes back to the 11th century. The city is well preserved, and is also told to be one of Slovenia’s most beautiful towns. The old town, “Stare Maestro”, is worth a visit. The main street, Glavni trg, is full of colorful, cute houses, and you will also find a castle and a few churches here.
DSC07868 DSC07875 Skjermbilde 2015-06-25 kl. 22.16.41

But, the main reason why you should visit this area isn’t the city itself, but the surroundings; the Kamnik Alps. If you have time, there are many hiking trails around here. Sadly, we only had a few hours in the area because our luggage was missing (and we had to do some shopping before leaving Ljubljana), so we didn’t get to see and do everything we had planned.

Velika Planina is the name of a small settlement in the mountains (1611m above sea level). The architecture of the wooden houses in the village has made the village a popular tourist attraction, as the village is well preserved and you will feel like you go back in time. Most of the houses aren’t very old, as they were burned down during the Second World War. After the war, the village was rebuilt in the traditional style.

You can easily access the village by cable car from Kamniska Bistrica. The drive from Kamnik to the cable car is about 10 minutes. I recommend checking out the schedule for the cable car before you go there (we had to wait for about 30 minutes). The price is around 8 euros. When you get to the top, you still have to hike for about 30 minutes before you reach the village (it is quite steep, so bring good shoes!). There is also a restaurant up in the village. We didn’t have enough time up here (the last cable car down leaves at 6pm), so we barely had time to hike up to the village and then we had to return to the cable car. I will recommend spending around three hours here, so you will have time to enjoy and explore everything!

DSC07964DSC07984DSC07962DSC07972DSC07987 DSC07997 DSC07991DSC08015 DSC08017

Slovenia is known for its green and turquoise rivers and lakes. We drove a bit further on the road leading to the cable car, and found this amazing “lake”. So beautiful!


DSC07940 DSC07932DSC07944

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7 thoughts on “Slovenia: Kamnik & Velika Planina

  1. Höres ut som en veldig bra ferie. Jeg var i nordre Kroatia for noen år siden og tok bussen til en badeby ved Piran, som jeg tror begynner på R, bare for å ha värt i Slovenia. Där var det ganske så horribelt med overfull strand og lopper i sanden, og vi burde absolutt dratt till Piran i stedet.

    Men Slovenia rundt skulle jeg gjerne ville teste, gleder meg til flere inlegg.

    • Stranden var ikke noe å skryte av på de to plassene jeg var i Slovenia. Men Piran var en veldig koselig by! Portoroz ligger i samme område, og er et greit resortområde. Skjønner at du hadde en litt skuffende opplevelse, håper du kommer deg til Slovenia igjen senere! 😀

  2. Hi Maria!

    I found your nice blog while planning for a trip to Slovenia with a group a friends 🙂 Would it be possible for you to give any tips about accommodation in o close to this area? Also in the other areas you visited, if it’s not too much, as we’re planning a similar route!

    Many thanks!

    • Hi!

      I didn’t stay in this area, we just drove here for a day – we stayed in Bled which is an hour or something away 🙂

      In the end of every blog post from Slovenia I have written about the accommodation we used (if we stayed in the area), so check out all my blog posts for recommendations 🙂

      If you have some other questions, feel free to ask!

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