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7 thoughts on “Slovenia: Kamnik & Velika Planina

  1. Höres ut som en veldig bra ferie. Jeg var i nordre Kroatia for noen år siden og tok bussen til en badeby ved Piran, som jeg tror begynner på R, bare for å ha värt i Slovenia. Där var det ganske så horribelt med overfull strand og lopper i sanden, og vi burde absolutt dratt till Piran i stedet.

    Men Slovenia rundt skulle jeg gjerne ville teste, gleder meg til flere inlegg.

  2. Hi Maria!

    I found your nice blog while planning for a trip to Slovenia with a group a friends 🙂 Would it be possible for you to give any tips about accommodation in o close to this area? Also in the other areas you visited, if it’s not too much, as we’re planning a similar route!

    Many thanks!

    • Hi!

      I didn’t stay in this area, we just drove here for a day – we stayed in Bled which is an hour or something away 🙂

      In the end of every blog post from Slovenia I have written about the accommodation we used (if we stayed in the area), so check out all my blog posts for recommendations 🙂

      If you have some other questions, feel free to ask!

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