Playa Ancon


Playa Ancon is know as the south coast’s most beautiful beach with its white sand and turquoise water. The beach is a 10-15 minutes drive from Trinidad (taxi costs around 6CUC).

At Playa Ancon we rented sun beds for 2CUC for the whole day. The March temperature was perfect for both tanning and swimming. The only minus was the food. There is only one restaurant who accept people not staying at the resorts, which sucks, because they the food there wasn’t the best. But, except from that, Playa Ancon is like heaven!

DSC06924 DSC06927 DSC06939DSC06965 DSC06955 DSC07084

We decided to go snorkeling with one of the boats from the resort, which cost 10CUC per person. We got one hour at a coral reef, but honestly it wasn’t too much to see.


IMG_1984 IMG_1990 IMG_1995 

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