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The Polish city Gdansk has become a very popular weekend getaway among Norwegians lately. The cheap flights with Wizz Air may be some of the reason why so many go to Gdansk – as well as the charming old town and the comfortable price level in Poland. Last weekend, I went to Gdansk with my boyfriend. We only stayed for three nights, but I feel it was more than enough to see most of the city. Gdansk, together with Gdynia and Sopot are together known as the “tricity”. We stayed in Gdansk, but took the train to Sopot for a day trip.

Gdansk seems like a small city, but it has suprisingly almost 500.000 inhabitants. I think most tourists (as me) only check out the old town when they are in Gdansk, and I think that the old town itself is a reason to visit Gdansk.

We stayed at Hotel Mercure, which is located in a short walking distance to the old town. We started the days with a lovely breakfast at a local bakery. Bakeries are something you will find everywhere in Gdansk, so if you are into sweets you will definitely feel home here. After breakfast, we spent the days walking around in the old town. Honestly, it’s not too much to see and do in Gdansk – it’s more about enjoying the architecture and the atmosphere.

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Ulica Dluga is the main street in Gdansk, with beautiful buildings all around you. Sadly, the street is covered by tourist shops and overpriced restaurants, but the street should be paid a visit anyways. Sights like the Neptun Fountain and the Golden Gate are located along the street. Ulica Mariacka is another beautiful street, maybe even more picturesque than Ulica Dluga.

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When you have walked up and down Ulica Dluga and Ulica Mariacka, it’s time to walk down to the river Motlawa. The promenade along the river is very beautiful, and there are dozens of restaurants laying here. I can imagine it’s a great place to eat during summer! Here you will find some remarkable architecture, for example a huge, old crane and some old ruins – in addition to the “typical Gdansk” buildings.

DSC05844 DSC05849 DSC05866
For shopping, I would check out the malls. I didn’t find any good stores along the main streets. I only went to the mall called Madison, which is just across the street of Mercure Hotel. Not the best shopping, but it was OK! I have also heard that Galeria Baltycka (located outside the city centre) is good.

As I am writing this, I am on my way to Cuba! Follow my Instagram (mariameland) and my blog for Cuba updates (as well as a couple of more posts from Poland) 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Weekend trip to Gdansk

  1. Gdansk er en topp by for en weekend tur og det er lett å komme seg dit, kort fly tur. Ikke bare er det Wizz Air som fly dit billig, men det er også mulig å få billige billetter med både Norwegian og SAS (for de som vil reise fra f.eks Gardermoen), jeg har reist med SAS et par ganger og betalt ca 800 kr tur retur 🙂 På sommeren kan det også være en idé å ta turen ut til Sopot.

    • Enig! Ja, fra Gardemoen er det vel litt flere valgmuligheter 😉 Men veldig deilig å fly direkte fra Værnes, for en gangs skyld! Og ja, Sopot må være fiiint om sommeren 🙂

  2. Jeg kan anbefale leiligheter i Gdańsk med en klar samvittighet. Først av alt, denne byen er veldig fin og mye skjer der i høysesong og lavsesong. Alle vil finne noe for seg selv. Jeg vet at Dekpol bygger nye leiligheter på Varehusøya – Grano Residence. Det er verdt å bli interessert i dette emnet.

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