When I was studying in Hong Kong in 2013, I spent a lot of time exploring the city. Hong Kong is the city where East meets West, and you will find everything from beautiful beaches to old temples to amazing skyscrapers here. You can spend weeks exploring the city, but if you only have a few days, here are my advices for your stay:



♥ Victoria Peak: Nothing can beat the view from the top of this mountain located on Hong Kong Island. It’s a must!

♥ Aberdeen Harbour: Take a walk along the promenade, enjoy a boat trip and eat at a floating restaurant.

♥ Nan Lian Garden: This is a nice park where you’ll be amazed by the mix of old and new architecture. I love these contrasts.

♥ Mong Kok: This is a crazy area, which is very “local” and Chinese. There are always hordes of people here, and you can buy whatever you want and you will always find something to eat that you have never heard about. Close to this area you will find Yuen Po Street Bird Garden where people buy birds (or bird equipment) as well as take their birds out for a walk.

♥ Avenue of Stars: This is a promenade along the Victoria Harbour waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui. It is just like “Walk of fame” in Hollywood, only with Chinese celebrities. But, this is not the reason why you go here – you go here to enjoy the view of the skyline! Every evening it’s a light show, “A Symphony of Lights”, and even though it might be a bit tacky, it’s quite fun.

♥ Central: Walk around in the central district of Hong Kong Island. Take the double-decker trams, explore the stores, eat delicious food and enjoy the atmosphere.

♥ Markets: Ladies’ Market and Temple Street Night Market are both huge markets in Mong Kok selling loads of crap, but it’s always fun to go there.

♥ Star Ferry: This ferry takes you across the Victoria Harbour, between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. It gives you a great view of the harbour for a good price.

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Eat & drink:

♥ Tim Ho Wan: This restaurant is known as the world’s cheapest Michelin restaurant, and serves delicious dim sum for a very good price.

♥ Wan Chai area: This area is a popular party area, as there are many bars here. It is especially crowded during weekdays, and Wednesdays are ladies’ nights.

♥ Spring Deer Restaurant: Definitely the best Chinese food I’ve tried! Remember to reserve a table – this is a popular restaurant.

♥ Lang Kwai Fong area: Worth to check out if you want to party, as it is known as the best party area in Hong Kong. There are numerous of clubs here, and it’s never quiet.

♥ Roof top bars: Hong Kong has many roof top bars worth a visit. Enjoy the view with a drink – what can be better than that?





Day trips

♥ Lantau Island: Tai O Fishing Village and Big Buddha should be paid a visit. I really liked the village because of its huge contrast to the rest of Hong Kong.

♥ Rent a boat and visit a secret beach: There are so many beaches in Hong Kong that can only be reached by a boat. Boat parties are also popular.

♥ Sai Wan Beach (in Sai Kung): A beautiful beach, but the surrounding areas are even more beautiful. It’s an hour long hike to get here, but this hike gives you the most amazing views ever. There are also waterfalls where you can swim.

Macau: You can easily take the boat from Hong Kong to Macau for a day trip. The city is a mix between China, Las Vegas and Portugal, and a very cool place to visit.

Shenzhen: To visit the mainland of China you need a visa, but you can visit Shenzhen – the border city – with a special visa you receive when you arrive Shenzhen. To get to Shenzhen you take the subway for about 30 minutes – so it is cheap and easy to get there. People travel from Hong Kong to Shenzhen to go shopping every day because of the low prices.The spas are also popular.





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