Velkommen til min “nye” blogg! Innholdet er vel strengt tatt det samme som før – de fleste innlegg fra min gamle blogg (mariasreiser.blogg.no) er flyttet over allerede. Fremover kommer jeg ikke til Ã¥ bruke min gamle blogg, sÃ¥ følg med her!

Welcome to my “new blog”! The content is the same as earlier, and I’ve moved most of my old blog posts already. I will not use my old blog in the future, so follow this blog for updates!

Are you wanting to create a blog, or perhaps switch blogs as I have done recently? Whether you are building a website from scratch with help, or on your own – it can be a very daunting task, especially if you have little to no experience. The same will go for switching domains also. You can watch educational videos and read articles on how to create your website and gain an online presence, all the way to how you can be getting more traffic to your site as well as earn money from advertisements and much more. You have many choices with how to go about creating your first ever site, you could outsource the design and host of your blog or business site, or you could take the adventure of learning how to do it yourself, which would make upkeep and maintenance of said website your responsibility instead of the company you have outsourced the task to, this would mean you’d have to learn a lot more in order to keep the website operational. For many outsourcing makes the hosting and upkeep of their website a lot easier, and means they can focus on the tasks at hand to keep their business operational, instead of having to make sure the website is operational also. However, outsourcing your site development can become very costly depending on the type of site you own, for this reason, some domain owners may want to be able to maintain their website themselves to decrease overhead costs. If you’re wanting to go down this route to be cost-efficient and you don’t mind having to learn the various processes of website development and maintenance, we found this article helpful, as well as the whole site – for those of you who wish to build your site from the bottom, up.

4 thoughts on “WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG!

  1. Fedt med eget domæne! 😀 Designet ser også dejligt, nemt og overskueligt ud. Fortsætter selvfølgelig med at læse med herinde. Håber du er kommet godt ind i det nye år 🙂

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