Glasgow is the biggest city in Scotland, but maybe not as popular among tourists as Edinburgh. Nevertheless we chose to visit the city, which is an one-hour train ride from Edinburgh, costing 10 pounds for a round-trip ticket – not too bad!

When we arrived in Glasgow we met up with a friend who is born and raised in Glasgow, and he guided us through the city. As he said, it isn’t too much to see in Glasgow – especially if you compare it to Edinburgh. Also, the weather was terrible (worse than ever) the few hours we had there, which stopped us from walking around all day. But, we got to see the main sights at least!

The first place we went to was the University of Glasgow. It is located a bit outside the city center, but was easy to reach by taking the subway a few stops. The university is actually one of the main sights in Glasgow with its old architecture. We went there because the university is said to be the inspiration for Hogwarts (Scotland is like heaven for Harry Potter fans), and it was a lot like Hogwarts – so cool!


After checking out the university we went to Ashton Lane, a street next to the university. It is said that this street inspired J. K. Rowling when she created Diagon Alley. If you are not a Harry Potter fan, you should visit the street anyways – it is known for several good restaurants and bars. We had a great lunch here.

DSC04925 DSC04927

We then took the subway back to the city center, and walked a bit around before we gave up – the weather was so bad, so we escaped into a mall for the rest of the day. “Luckily” it isn’t much to see in Glasgow, so I don’t think we missed too much.

DSC04944 DSC04930 DSC04943 DSC04938

I am happy we went to Glasgow (we mainly went to visit a friend), but I wasn’t really amazed by the city itself. The locals (both in Edinburgh and Glasgow) told us that it is much more to do in Glasgow than in Edinburgh when it comes to partying etc., but for tourists, I think Edinburgh is a better city

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  1. I went to Glasgow to visit a friend two years ago and I’ll agree with you; Glasgow hasn’t got that much to offer if you’re there as a tourist. Though, I have to say, that I still enjoyed my few days in the city 🙂 It seems like a nice city to stay in if you’re a student studying abroad. One thing that was hella weird was their traffic light ! Did you notice? XD

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